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Video From Iceland Shows People Playing Volleyball Near Erupting Volcano




  • Iceland’s Mount Fagradalsfjall has recently started erupting and a short video shows a group of people playing volleyball near it.
  • Entitled “The most Icelandic video you will see today,” the short clip has since gone viral on social media.
  • The volcano has been dormant for the past 6,000 years.

Usually, a volcanic eruption would cause massive panic among residents. It can be pretty scary, to say the least. However, a viral video from Iceland shows us that for some people, the sight of flowing hot lava still isn’t enoug h to stop them from enjoying a game of volleyball!

Posted on Twitter by Scottish meteorologist Scott Duncan, the 13-second clip shows us a group of friends playing volleyball near the Fagradalsfjall volcano. Duncan entitled the post “The most Icelandic video you will see today” and much to his surprise, the short footage later went viral online.

The clip immediately made rounds on social media and several news sources have since picked up on the story.

Naturally, netizens couldn’t help but be amused and react to the unusual video.

One Twitter user commented:

“’Play volleyball next to an erupting volcano’ is going on my bucket list.”

Another pointed out:

“They are quite safe with steadily flowing lava like this actually, you can get out of the way.”

Watch the video here and see for yourself:
Meanwhile, another video on Twitter gives us a closer look on the volcanic eruption’s “spectacular and mesmerizing sight.”

Located in Geldingadalur, Iceland, Mount Fagradalsfjall is erupting for the first time in nearly 800 years. Thousands of earthquakes have been recorded in February and earlier this month, leading to the actual eruption on March 19, reports said.

Mount Fagradalsfjall’s name is taken from the Icelandic words fagur, dalur, and fjall which literally translate to “beautiful valley mountain.”

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