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Modern Caveman Teaches You How to Create Power Tools Using Stick and Stones





There’s a lot of things you could do this summer. Go to the beach and lie under the sun for hours, or you can stay at home and play video games all day. You can also host a BBQ party in your backyard or invite your friends over for a movie marathon. But what will you actually gain from this, beyond a few hours of pleasure? If you want to make the best possible use of the good weather, then you need to head outside, learn new things, and acquire new skills. When the apocalypse hits, these are the kind of skills you want to have.

In the video below, the man behind the caveman hacks in Primitive Technology demonstrates how to make fire and other primitive power tools using merely sticks and stones.

Watch the video here:

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No one will never know what’s around the bend, and the apocalypse might be closer than ever. Luckily, the fascinating YouTube channel Primitive Technology reminds us the terrifying reality, that technology is amazing and super useful, but it has made us weak and very dependent on machines that may not always be reliable.

When the power goes out, people freak out! I mean seriously, no electricity, no computer, no TV, what are you going to do? Technology is making us weaker. In the event of a solar storm or nuclear holocaust, when we no longer have access to the convenience of electricity. That’s the end of us!

How to build an Axe:

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In wordless videos without music, the Primitive Technologist builds practical items out of what he finds in the woods. After watching these videos, you might want to ask yourself. When civilization collapses, will you be ready?


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