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Mother and 3 Kids Still Alive After Getting Lost in Colombian Jungle for 34 Days




  • A mother and her children went on a holiday and were set to meet the father of the family.
  • They got lost in the jungles of Colombia and lived off wild fruits and berries.
  • They unknowingly crossed into Peru, where the authorities found them.

A 40-year-old mother was on a holiday with her three children when they got lost in the jungles of Colombia. It was only after 34 days that they were rescued by authorities.

It seemed like a miracle that the family managed to survive after more than a month of being lost in the jungle, but somehow they managed to do so by living off wild fruits and berries that they managed to find while they were wandering aimlessly.

The Colombian Navy extracted the family from Peru and were taken to the hospital right away.

According to the Colombian Navy, the mother and children, aged 10, 12, and 14, went on a holiday and were set to meet the father of the family. They were reported missing on December 19.

The mother and her children were following the Putumayo River and were not aware that they already crossed into Peru. They were found in the northern sector of Yubineto (which is bordering Colombia) near the village of La Esperanza.

The family was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.

Indigenous members of the Secoya community found the group of four and contacted the Peruvian authorities.

The Colombian Navy went on to rescue the family. They were taken to the ESE Hospital Maria Angelines in the town of Puerto Leguizamo, where they were reunited with the father.

They were later reunited with the father, who was waiting at the hospital.
The father hugging one of his emaciated kids…
The children suffered severe malnutrition because of the ordeal.

General Sergio Alfredo Serrano, Commander of the Naval Force of Southern Colombia, said that “The mother confirmed that they ate wild fruits and whatever else they could find for the 34 days they were missing.”

The mother later told the media that they lasted half an hour without drinking water before fainting. She revealed that they had to drink water all the time and that the girls were unable to walk.

“We hope there will not be any complications and we will keep you informed about the family’s health situation,” Serrano added.

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