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Guy Builds An Awesome Hut Using Only Primitive Tools And His Bare Hands!

Using nothing but his bare hands, primitive tools, and natural materials, he builds this impressive shelter. By the time he’s finished, there’s even a fireplace with chimney!


The world has become digital in all aspects. Whether it be ordering your food or getting a hotel reservation, everything can be done with a touch of a fingertip. While modern technology has numerous benefits to civilization, it is still important to not forget the simple kind of life because it is through the primitive that our advanced living is shaped and based.

We found this video of a man, who amazingly built a hut in the middle of the forest using nothing but naturally-occurring materials. From stones as ax and sticks as lighter, nothing looks modern in everything he used. According to the YouTube description of the video, the hut is two meters in width and two meters in length. The side walls are one meter and the highest point is two meters with a triangle-shaped roof standing with an angle of 45 degrees.

The video may be long but it is sure worth watching! From the foundation of the hut to the fireplace with chimney, the way he created a humble abode with only his bare hands is awesome!

Watch the video here:

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It is not wrong to progress in life and advance in technology but it is still necessary for us to commune with nature once in a while and still know the basics.

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Home & DIY

Legally Blind Artist Creates Cracked Log Lamps Bursting with Light

Can you believe that a blind artist created these beautiful art pieces?


At the age of 18, Duncan Meerding began losing his sight. In 2005, he was diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition that left him legally blind within 12 months. Now, he retains 5% of his vision in his peripheries.

Despite this ordeal, this didn’t stop him from appreciating the beauty of wilderness in Tasmania. In fact, he graduated from the University of Tasmania with a degree in furniture design.

Inspired by outback wilderness, the furniture designer uses light in his creations to help him convey how he sees the world. Meerding’s most popular creation, the cracked log lamp, emits soft warm light from its cracks.

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Home & DIY

He Couldn’t Afford an Air Conditioner, So He Made This $8 Cooler Instead

Now don’t you think that’s a really cool invention?


As much as I look forward to summer season, the idea of enduring the unbeatable heat really upsets me. Surviving extremely hot days means turning on the air conditioner 24/7 which leads to higher electricity bill by the end of the month. Just the idea of it is making me sweat like a pig right now.

This is why Household Hacker came up with a good alternative for expensive brand new air conditioners. For only $8, they were able to create a make-shift air conditioner using a $4- styrofoam cooler, dryer vents which cost $2, an old but functioning electric fan, and frozen bottles of water.

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How To Get Rid Of Pesky Mosquitoes Using Basic Kitchen Ingredients

A simple concoction may go a long way!

Mosquitoes are annoying, not to mention, carriers of fatal diseases such as Dengue fever and Malaria. With their presence on the surface of the Earth, we all wish they'd be gone forever. But unfortunately, they hold a vital role in this world by contributing to the long chain of the ecosystem. Frogs and other animals feed on them so they are indeed necessary for the biological aspect of the world to continue.

What we can do is to devise ways to protect ourselves and our family from these pesky insects so that we can prevent itchy red bites and serious medical diseases. We found this video that shows how to create a concoction that mosquitoes will surely love, they will be willing to get trapped inside. It's very simple and requires basic ingredients that can be found in the kitchen.

Watch the video:

We can't wait to try this ourselves! What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

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