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Russian Doctors Perform Heart Surgery Amid Hospital Fire




  • A group of eight Russian doctors performed a heart surgery during a hospital fire.
  • The fire happened last April 2 and fortunately, the operation was a success and the patient remained safe as he was moved to a different hospital.
  • Over 120 hospital staff and patients were evacuated during the fire.

Earlier this month, a team of doctors in Russia managed to complete an open heart surgery as the hospital caught fire. A picture taken at the operating theater eventually went viral on social media, much to the amazement of netizens everywhere.

According to reports, firefighters battled the flames from outside the building as more than 120 patients and medical workers were being evacuated. Despite this, the eight doctors did their best to finish the operation at the ground floor. Soon thereafter, the patient was evacuated to the regional hospital.

The doctors truly went beyond their call of duty.

Cardiac surgery center department head Valentin Filatov said:

“There is nowhere to go, the man had to be saved. We did everything at the highest level, as they say.”

Antonina Smolina, one of the medics, shared that “there was no panic” among the hospital crew.

Amur State Medical Academy’s cardiology center in Blagoveshchensk caught fire last April 2, Friday.

When responders realized that the surgery cannot be stopped, they made sure that the operating room will have sufficient power supply by providing an electric cable. They also had to prevent smoke from entering the theater.

The blaze lasted for over 2 hours. Fortunately, no injuries were reported and the surgery patient was also confirmed safe.

Amur Region’s Ministry of Health later released an official statement, saying that the operation “during a fire (proceeded) smoothly, without complications.” Meanwhile, the ministry also noted that “the clinic was built more than a century ago, in 1907, and the fire spread like lightning through the wooden ceilings of the roof.”

Meanwhile, government authorities said that the doctors will be awarded and rewarded for their efforts.

Watch this video report to learn more:
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