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MMA Star Brandon Vera Rescues Sea Turtle, Disses People Who Pollute The Environment

To those who don’t respect the environment, the current One FC champion is going after you.


If there’s one thing that former UFC star Brandon Vera hates so much, it’s people who don’t respect the environment. The current OneFC heavyweight champion posted a video on his Facebook page showing him and a group of friends rescue a sea turtle. The 39-year-old MMA fighter then called out to people who don’t have an ounce of respect for the environment. He even warned them he’ll kick these people in their faces if they won’t stop what they’re doing.

Vera recently posted the video on his page which showed him and his girlfriend, Nenja, saving a turtle and freeing it from the plastic that it got caught in. Vera and the rest of his group were on a beach in Tagkayawan, Quezon in the Philippines.

The poor sea creature got tangled in fishing nets and even plastic and appears to be struggling to move. While his girlfriend was holding the turtle in place, Vera then slowly cut the fishing nets with his pocket knife. The animal was put back in the water and swam away real fast.

Brandon Vera and his group found a sea turtle that got caught in plastic and fishing nets.

Source: Brandon Vera
While his girlfriend was holding the turtle, Vera cut off the fishing net and removed the plastic to set the turtle free.

Source: Brandon Vera
The former UFC star then called out to people who keep littering, warning them he’d kick them in the face if they won’t stop.

Source: Brandon Vera

But that was not the only problem Vera pointed out on his Facebook post. The mixed martial artist wrote that dynamite fishing is prevalent in the area, he was just not sure if the illegal fishing method is practiced by the locals or by people from other provinces. Vera, however, is dead serious about finding out the truth.

“No matter how you look at it, whomever they are, are just being f****** lazy,” he wrote. Vera added that fishing requires hard work, but some people just do not care about the consequences of illegal fishing methods.

Vera is now asking for help from his fans to spread awareness of the problem of littering and dynamite fishing.

Watch Brandon Vera’s full video below.

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‘Homeschooling’ Mom Lets Her Kids Play Video Games All Day to Educate Them

Would you use video games to homeschool your kids?

A school is a messy battleground that bombards us with home works, term papers, exams, projects, and whatever difficult requirements you can think of. Sure, it helps fill our brain with knowledge and experiences that will come in handy when we become adults and face the real battlefield called life but to be brutally honest, there are times when we'd rather play and goof around than solve for the perennially missing x and y.

However, for 44-year-old mother Katie Pybus and her husband Roger, there is a better option over a conventional school. You see, Katie chose to have her three children homeschooled. But unlike any other conventional homeschooling techniques where kids are taught letters and numbers, Katie's kids get busy with video games for seven hours every day.

Katie homeschools her three kids using video games.

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Tragic Last Post of Soldier Who Commits Suicide to Avoid Getting Captured By ISIS

His haunting last post on Facebook totally broke my heart!

20-year-old Ryan Lock worked as a chef in Chichester, a city in West Sussex, South-East England. He, however, volunteered to travel to Syria with Kurdish armed fighting forces, YPG, to help fight the Islamic State. Ryan chose to life to his family and told them he was going on a vacation.

Several months later, he was found dead and it is believed that he killed himself to avoid getting tortured.

According to BBC, Ryan died during a in Raqqa, Islamic State’s stronghold.

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Day Care Sign Has An Interesting Reminder For Parents: “Get Off Your Phones!”

Agree or disagree? Let us know!

A sign posted by a day care in Texas has gone viral recently. Written on it is a simple but important reminder for parents picking up their children – get off your phone!

Juliana Farris Mazurkewicz went to pick her kids up at the day care when she saw the new sign greeting parents at the door. She took a photo of it so she could share the wonderful reminder with her friends.

The sign said:

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