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Villagers Rescue Truck From Deep Gorge In An Impressive Display Of Strength In Unity




  • Nagaland’s Kutsapo village is gaining popularity after the inspiring rescue operation they did to a 16-tonne truck that fell in a gorge.
  • A video of the rescue displayed unity and strength as over 100 men manually pulled the truck up the slope.
  • According to the village chairman, they had to manually do it because they “do not have machines.”
  • Other officials praised the villagers for the Naga society’s “strong social bond” and “spirit of unity.”

The residents of Nagaland’s Kutsapo village in the Phek district touched the hearts of many after their impressive display of “unity” was captured in a video.

The video featured over 100 men who came together to pull the 16-tonne carrier truck filled with ginger from a 70-feet gorge. The men tied ropes and used bamboo and vines, lined up in different directions, and pulled the fallen truck up the slope while singing.


Zashevezo Rhakho, the council chairman of the village where the truck met the accident, shared that they had to make the “fit and not sick” men do the work “since [they] had no machine.”


According to Rhakro, they used bamboo to build steps and cleared the area where the tires would roll without skidding while they pulled it up from where it fell “a few meters down the road at a turning point.” He said that because many men showed up for the operation, it was a relatively quick rescue operation.


Mmhonlumo Kikon, a state legislator and the BJP national spokesperson from Nagaland, shared “the spirit of unity” in the rescue video viewed over a million times.

Abu Mehta, Nagaland CM adviser and Secretary-General Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP), said the rescue video showcased the “rich cultural heritage” and “strong social bonds deeply rooted in the Naga society.”


Reports also revealed that the truck had been en route to Dimapur when it lost control and fell in. Luckily, the driver and the seven other passengers were all unharmed.

Netizens also shared their thoughts on the viral rescue video via Twitter.
Watch the full video here.

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