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Guy Makes a Fully Functional V6 Engine Out of Paper





Some people are just too good at crafting things – and YouTuber Aliaksei Zholner is one such guy.

Why did we say so? Well, this dude made a miniature V6 engine entirely out of paper. How cool is that, right? If you will browse his YouTube channel, you will quickly discover that this guy is all about fun DIY projects which turn out to be very impressive.

At one point, for instance, he made a working model tank. Granted the tank apparently has some speed issues but still, it’s an impressive creation since he merely created everything from scratch.

And now he’s back with another amazing project that, for me, absolutely takes the cake.

This awesome V6 engine is made entirely from paper, cardboard, and some superglue.

v6 engine paper

Photo credit: Aliaksei Zholner

Aliaksei, or simply Al Zh on YouTube, crafted the V6 machine DIY-style using nothing but paper and cardboard. Of course, he also used some superglue to hold the pieces together. The engine works with the help of a mechanism which pumps compressed air to the cylinders. He said the entire project took him around 2 weeks to finish.

Like most of us, Al Zh is a busy man but he does make it a point to spend time on his miniature DIY projects.

You can watch the video here:

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This just blows my mind. It works like an engine and even sounds like one.

It’s not surprising that the video has received a lot of attention on his YouTube channel. In fact, he’s been frequently pestered about sharing an online instructional but he has clarified several times that he has no intentions of doing so.

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