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Badass Mayor Rides Tank and Crushes Illegally Parked Car

For this mayor, a tank “is the best solution!”

Mark Andrew





What’s the best solution in a town where cars park illegally all the time? Maybe the answer is a tank!

Take it from Vilnius mayor Arturas Zuokas who did exactly. As you may have seen on a video that’s recently been making rounds on social media, this badass of a mayor rode an armored vehicle and crushed a Mercedes S-class becase it was parked in the bicycle lane.

According to Zuokas, illegal parking has always been a big problem in the Lithuanian capital.

So he came up with an out-of-the-box idea.

What a total badass!

Zuokas hopes his stunt will serve as a lesson for everyone in the town.

As seen on the clip, expensive cars such as Ferraris and Rolls Royces are often found parked in the cycle lanes.

Meanwhile, the ‘owner’ of the crushed Mercedes was, of course, left in shock when he discovered what happened to his vehicle.

The car was later “towed away and destroyed,” according to a report.

Zuokas shook his hand and told him to park properly next time.

Watch the video here:

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Although the video only went viral recently, the Daily Mail tells us it’s been around since 2011. Additionally, the website also reveals that the act was actually a “dramatic scene set-up by the leader, to underline how keen he is to crush illegal parking.” So the video was filmed and released by officials to warn people about the rampant problem of illegal parking.

Mayor Zuokas said:

“It shows a lack of respect and won’t be tolerated. Of course, you have to have a sense of humor in my line of work and I thought this would be a way of drawing attention to the fact that the city intends to be proactive in its fight against illegal parking.”


Scaffolding Collapse As Workers Fall Helplessly Under The Ruins Of A Constructed Building

Accidents happen without prior notice.




A building that was being constructed suddenly collapsed due to a load-related mishap. The incident was caught on camera and was shared on social media.

Based on the video there was no heavy casualty. The workers immediately stood up and got out of the rubble.

The safety of workers should be the prime concern of the contractor.

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Netizens Are Burning Their Nike Shoes After Colin Kaepernick Becomes Face Of New Ad

Social media users destroyed their Nike shoes and socks to protest the ad campaign.




Nike recently announced that Colin Kaepernick would be part of a major advertising campaign. The sportswear giant has signed a new deal with the former San Francisco 49rs quarterback with the campaign slogan: “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.”

After learning about the new sponsorship deal, some threatened to boycott Nike and others even burned their items from the company in protest. Upset customers took to social media and shared videos of them destroying their apparel.

#BoycottNike hashtag goes viral on social media among pro-Trump supporters

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Couple Tie The Knot In First Viking Wedding in 1,000 Years

Ladies and gentlemen, the first real Viking wedding – in over a millennium!

Nobelle Borines



Everyone has their own idea of what would be the ideal wedding. For one couple, they decided to go with a traditional Viking wedding complete with a Gothi, two longboats, throat singers, a blót ritual, and a wild boar feast.

Elisabeth and Rune Dalseth were married on the banks of a lake in Norway alongside two longboats that were rented for the occasion. The pagan ceremony was officiated by an Old Norse priest known as a Gothi and is said to be the first real Viking wedding in 1,000 years.

The happy couple poses with the gorgeous longboats.

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