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The 7 Best Dash Cams to Buy for Your Car in 2018

Are you in the market for dash cams? This list should help you out!


Unlike in the past, it now makes total sense to install a dash cam in your car. With all the acts of stupidity – some are even unbelievable, so to speak – on the road, keeping a visual record is only practical and necessary. As the name suggests, this device serves as video evidence of traffic accidents and can really help you big time especially in court.

With the ever-increasing popularity of dash cams, keeping track of what is best seems difficult. But worry no more – Elite Readers has compiled a list of best dash cameras in 2018. Not only will you learn the best ones, you will also know which are affordable and of good value.

#1. BlackVue DR750S 2CH

Source: BlacVue

There is every reason why this dashcam is on top of the list. Designed to be a dual-channel dash cam, it has both rear and front cameras. And mind you, its cameras feature Full HD Sony STARVIS image sensors, giving you the best image quality at any given light. You also have access to a GPS Logger, Cloud and Wi-Fi connectivity, impact, and even motion detection. Above all, you do not need a screen as it comes with an app that you can connect whenever you want. All these sophisticated features in a stealthy design, the kind that never gets in the way of driving.

#2. Viofo A119V2

Source: YouTube

This one here is basically the upgraded version of the Viofo A119. It is still equipped with the same features such as heat-resistance, functionality, and video quality. But what makes it a stellar product is its ability to automatically start while giving you significant error notifications if you encounter recording issues. This allows you to have full video coverage on the road.

#3. Yi Dash Cam

For the past few months since its release, the Yi Dash Cam has continued to impress car enthusiasts with its rock-solid stability and performance. For instance, it records at a stunning 1296P and thus gives a video quality that is over the top. And since it can be connected to a Wi-Fi, you can always stream, download, or save videos on your smartphone. With its affordability, this dash cam gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

#4. Transcend DrivePro 200

Source: YouTube

Transcend intelligently designed this dash cam for drivers in hot environments. Backed up by the company’s two-year warranty (you cannot just get that warranty rate at any store!), the 200 version has a successful history of working efficiently in hot climates.

It comes with a 16GB card and a Wi-Fi video playback. This heat-resistant camera is absolutely worth every penny spent.

#5. Viofo G1W-S

Source: Viofo

If you are still using the old-fashioned A118C and A118C2 series, it is time to replace them with Viofo G1W-S. The designers upgraded both of its hardware and quality control.

Although it races close to Transcend DrivePro 200, this budget-friendly dash cam is still ideal for places with warmer temperatures.

#6. Vicovation OPIA1

Source: CarDVR

The OPIA1 version is basically an upgrade to the OPIA2. The former has an improved video quality powered by a Sony STARVIS sensor and adds a larger aperture of f/1.4 lens. Its download/stream record video feature can now be powered by Wi-Fi connection, too. The upgraded version is also equipped with a heat-resistant feature, with a resistant power of up to 75°C/167°F. This is perfect for both hot and humid environments. To put it simply, this dash cam has every feature a motorist would want for his vehicle.

#7. Thinkware F800

Source: Thinkware

If you loved Thinkware’s F770, then the F800 is an easy one. It now boasts a brand new processor and a STARVIS sensor for better low-light quality. Interestingly, the company is working on another version called F800 pro. Although its release date remains unknown, this version will reportedly support larger SD cards (128GB). Moreover, it will be equipped with live-tracking features, energy-saving modes, and a stealthier look.


‘Mark My Words: A.I. is Far More Dangerous than Nukes’ – Elon Musk

There is great reason to be concerned, according to the tech genius.

Elon Musk, big boss of Tesla and SpaceX, has made a serious warning about artificial intelligence. According to him, AI is a bigger threat to humankind than nuclear weapons.

He recently made the comments while speaking at a Southwest tech conference in Austin, Texas. He further suggested that there should be a regulatory body that will oversee the development of super intelligence – before it’s too late.

Musk has earned criticisms for “fear-mongering” but he stays firm about his views.

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According to reports, Walmart just recently, and quietly, filed a patent for robot bees that could be used to pollinate crops. This move suggests that the US retail giant might be getting into farming in the future.

The robot bees, technically called pollination drones, function by using sensors and cameras to find crops and then carry pollen from one plant to another. News about the patent was first discovered by CB Insights. They reported that the robot bee patent appears alongside five other patents for farming drones.

This move by Walmart signals a possible venture into agriculture in the not-so-distant future.

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Preliminary results from NASA's Twins Study revealed that 7% of astronaut Scott Kelly's genetic expression had not returned to baseline after his return to Earth two years ago. Experts at NASA are studying what happened to the astronaut before, during, and after he spent one year aboard the International Space Station. Scientists are conducting an extensive comparison of Kelly and his identical twin, Mark, who remained on Earth.

Kelly spent 340 days on the ISS from 2015 to 2016, along with Russian crewmate Mikhail Kornienko. Earlier reports said that Kelly's DNA had changed, which makes him no longer identical with his twin. But the reports were an inaccurate description of what really happened.

Kelly's DNA did not change; it is his gene expression that did.

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