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Man Bravely Strips Off to Reveal the Excess Skin After Incredibly Losing 270 Pounds!





Blogger Matt Diaz, 22, took social media abuzz when he posted his half-naked photos on his Tumblr blog. Diaz lost about 270 lbs, and has since carried excess skin all over his body. While he religiously documented his weight loss journey, which started when he was 16 years old, he never revealed how he looks like under his shirt. For him, the excess skin on his body are flaws that he is too scared to expose. But then, he realized that he cannot promote positivism and acceptance in his blog if he himself is not ready to embrace his imperfection. Just recently, he decided to show his body to the world saying,

‘I’m really scared to put this up. But I think it’s important for me to share this with you guys, because this is who I am.’

Photo taken before Matt lost 270 lbs.


Photo credit: Dailymail
Matt at 495 lbs and after the successful weight loss!!


Photo credit: DailyMail
What a transformation!


Photo credit: Dailymail

Before posting the video showing off his stretch marks, excess skin, and skin folds all over his body, Diaz said that he experienced severe anxiety.

“I’m scared people won’t find me attractive anymore. I’m scared that all the nice messages will stop.”

Conversely, people only have positive words to say to Diaz. He was surprised and overwhelmed when a surge of really nice words flooded his blog.

“You are gorgeous Matt, I would date you.”

“This is hands down the bravest thing I’ve ever seen.”

He was initially scared to show off his body to the public.


Photo credit: Dailymail
He was even almost in tears during the video revelation.


Photo credit: Dailymail
But he eventually got the hang of it and took a full turn to show off all his excess skin.


Photo credit: Dailymail
Matt pinches the excess skin on his arms to show how massive the transformation was. Way to go, Matt!


Photo credit: Dailymail

Diaz said that all he wants is to be proud of the person that he is, and he encourages everyone to do the same. He believes that he can start to attain this self-vision by not hiding his flaws. Although he is determined to exercise and follow a strict diet plan to get rid of his excess skin, he is aware that the only way to achieve this goal is to go under the knife. He then started the GoFundMe campaign in the hope of raising $20,000 for his surgery. As of this writing, Diaz was already able to collect $32,000.

When asked about his advice to people undergoing low self-esteem and body image disturbance, he told Upworthy,

“I want you to remember that you are not the problem, certain aspects of society are the problem. Luckily, we’re slowly starting to see these ideas get phased out by modernity. Plus-sized, un-retouched models are getting more attention in major brands… it’s becoming clear that these negative ideas are not going to last, though it’s going to take a while.”

Matt’s yearly weight loss progress.


Photo credit: Dailymail

Watch his Video:

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In Diaz’s latest video post, he thanked all the people who showed support and extended cash donations for his upcoming surgery. He promised to document his skin-removal procedure with his fans.

Who would have thought this fine, young lad has imperfections beneath his shirt?


Photo credit: Dailymail

What do you think of this story? We think it is something that can inspire all people, young or old, to accept themselves no matter what the circumstance may be, and to embrace imperfections as all these are part of who we truly are. We salute you, Matt!

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