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Farmer Discovers Stunning Shell-Filled Rooms Underneath His Farm

Sometimes the most interesting archaeological finds aren’t discovered by experts but by common folks. .

Mark Andrew





Sometimes the most interesting archaeological finds aren’t discovered by experts but by common folks.

Take this awesome grotto, for example.

Way back 1835, James Newlove, a farmer, was working in his field in Margate, England when much to his surprise, his spade fell through the ground. He later realized that the earth underneath was hollow and so he immediately spread the word about it.

Eventually, the people in the little town decided to find out more. Joshua, Mr. Newlove’s son, agreed to be lowered in the place, with candle in hand, to check it out.

A boy was sent underground and what he saw became a significant historical treasure for the whole town.


Photo credit: Kuriositas
He discovered beautiful rooms filled with thousands of seashells.


Photo credit: Kuriositas
Each was intricately and beautifully designed.


Photo credit: Kuriositas

The site was excavated and was later opened to the general public 2 years after its initial discovery. It was then named the Margate Grotto.

These days, locals and tourists alike flock to the place but despite the fact that its origin still remains largely a mystery. Who built the place and why did they create it in the first place?

The place was later named Margate Grotto and was opened to the public.


Photo credit: Kuriositas
It’s origins, however, remains a mystery up to this very day.


Photo credit: Kuriositas

Speculations are claiming that maybe, aristocrats from the 1700s built it since shell grottos were particularly popular among rich people back in the days. Others, however, believe that they might be remnants of an ancient civilization.

During its early discovery, visitors left their marks on the shells.


Photo credit: Kuriositas
Speculations say that the grotto is either built by aristocrats…


Photo credit: Kuriositas
…Or a direct evidence of ancient civilization.


Photo credit: Kuriositas
Whatever its origin, the shell grotto remains to be a beloved tourist attraction in Margate.


Photo credit: Kuriositas

Regardless of its origin, there is no denying that the place is indeed visually-captivating.

Go visit the official Shell Grotto website for more information about how to get there.



8 Ways to Know if a Place is Haunted

Peek-a-boo. There is something behind you.




Do you believe in ghosts? We have all heard stories about floating objects, flickering lights, disturbing sounds, and seeing pale, long-haired, floating and luminescent figures in white. While some people remain skeptic about the idea of another dimension where the unseen entities lurk, some people adamantly believe that ghosts really do exist.

I've met some people who claim to have a 'sixth sense' - an ability that allows you to see or hear some things that a normal person can't see or hear. When I listen to their stories, I thank the great heavens that I don't have the kind of 'gift' that they have.

If you're a person who does not have the gift (like me!), you wouldn't exactly know that there is a ghost nearby. However, there are some ways to help identify if a ghost is lurking around you.

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Angry Wife Smashes Her Husband’s Expensive BMW With A Hammer

He cheated on her. She smashed his car with hammer.

Mark Andrew



Cheating surely has its consequences and for this unlucky Chinese guy, it’s seeing his luxury car hammered. Like literally.

As you can see on the video below, one furious wife decided to channel her inner Thor and used a hammer to vent her anger after allegedly discovering that her husband was having an affair with a third party. The poor victim? The guy's expensive BMW vehicle.

The wife repeatedly smashed the BMW car with a hammer after catching her cheating husband.

wife-smashes-bmw-with-hammer 1

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15 Funniest and Worst Jack-o-Lantern That Were Carved Into Failure

These pumpkin carvings may not impress you with their artistry, but they’ll surely make you smile or laugh.

Mika Castro



It's October again and that means it's time for our favorite Autumn traditions! Aside from the much-awaited Oktoberfests and Halloween parties to get absolutely-batshit-crazy kind of drunk, pumpkin carvings and jack-o-lanterns will soon abound. And while you diabolically wait for the laugh-worthy pumpkin carving fails of your friends in their Facebook timelines and Instagram, suit yourself with some of "the best at being worst" pumpkin carvings we've gathered for your fun.

#1. Is it just me, or he resembles Lord Voldemort? That noseless stump really makes it The-Pumkin-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named


Photo credit:
#2. So many questions... of all words, why HERPES? We may never know why, but this lantern sure is "viral"


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