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Farmer Loses Entire Life Savings To Termite Infestation




  • A pig farmer from India lost his life savings to termite infestation.
  • 37-year-old Bijili Jamalayya kept his money in a metal box.
  • The insects consumed all his cash, worth Rs 5 lakh.

This is the heartbreaking moment when a farmer discovered that his life savings has been eaten by termites. This story happened in India and the said pig farmer, who is from the town of Mylavaram in the district of Krishna, found out that all his money is now worth nothing because of the insect infestation.

According to reports, Bijili Jamalayya, 37, has been aiming to save Rs 10 lakh to buy a new house or build one on his lot. He’s been keeping his money in a metal trunk box for years but was eventually shocked when he saw what happened with his savings.

He thought a metal box would be perfect for safekeeping!

Apparently, Bijili was later required to invest 1 lakh for his business and so he turned to his precious metal box. He ended up collapsing on the ground after realizing his savings worth Rs 5 lakh have all been destroyed by termites!

With the help of family members, Bijili later scattered the cash on the floor to see if any of the bills could still be saved.

Meanwhile, his neighbors alerted the local police after seeing his children play with money.

Upon arrival of the authorities, Bijili took time to explain his problem and now reports are saying that the cops are likewise “investigating the source of the cash” in his possession.

Watch the video report here:

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The story later went viral on social media and some netizens suggested that the bank may still be able to do something about the problem. On the other hand, many also emphasized that saving money in the bank is much safer than keeping cash on a metal box.

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