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Man Dodges Bullets From Armed Robber To Protect His $1700 Louis Vuitton Bag

The bag is definitely worth fighting for.


A lot of people would just hand over their belongings in the event of an armed robbery to save themselves from potentially getting shot. For one man in Michigan, however, nothing can make him lose his $1,700 designer bag — not even a robber who pulled a gun on him.

Thirty-one-year-old Jerad Kluting was walking home on Monday when a robber stopped him with a gun and demanded that he should give him his Louis Vuitton bag. Jerad wouldn’t want to give away his prized possession just like that and not even a man with a gun could scare him away.

The suspect fired three shots at Jerad's direction.

But Jerad still refused to hand over his bag.

According to Jerad, who told local news station Wood TV, the suspect, later identified as 21-year-old Christian Steven Bracamontes, may have fired the two shots first as a warning to the victim. But the third shot is intended to kill him, Jerad believes.

Jerad recalls what happened that day. He said:

“It happened very fast. In one motion he took the gun out of his waist belt and with the other hand put up a bandana over his mouth and pointed, was like: ‘Give me your bag.'”

“I was like: ‘You’re not getting my Louis Vuitton.'”

Jerad said he had worked so hard to have the money to get that bag. The designer bag is everything and “it means a lot” to him. He wouldn’t want it to simply give it away to a thug.

Jerad paid $1,700 to get the designer bag.

This Louis Vuitton bag is said to be no longer in production.

“I love Louis Vuitton and I saw this bag long before I could buy it and I saved up my money to buy it. It means a lot to me. It represents me. I wasn’t about to relinquish my personal property.”

Police have already apprehended the suspect, who has been charged with armed robbery, receiving and concealing stolen property and felony firearm, DailyMail stated.

As for Jerad, he didn’t have regrets as to how he reacted to the situation. He could have been killed but he got lucky. And what’s important to him is that he still has his Louis Vuitton bag.

Watch the video below.

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