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Robbers Miserably Fail At Looting A Gold Shop In Malaysia

Epic fail! These robbers will think twice before robbing a jewelry shop again.


A group of robbers might think twice before robbing a jewelry shop again. A CCTV footage shows how they miserably failed to loot a gold shop in Malaysia.

In the viral video below, we can see how the men in helmets, armed with sledgehammers, tried to smash their way into the jewelry display cabinets to no avail. Alas, the glass was too tough and sturdy and it seems the robbers didn’t see that coming.

The robber wearing a helmet tried to smash the glass counter.

The footage showed two of the robbers smashing the display counter as the employees ran for cover. The other two accomplices stood guard. Desperate to break the glass, the robbers took turns in smashing the cabinets but despite their great efforts, it simply won’t break.

Two men smashed tirelessly but failed miserably.

They eventually gave up smashing the glass and left the scene empty-handed. Now, this just proves that it definitely pays to have a sturdy glass for gold shops.

The polycarbonate-laminated jewelry glass display counters are so strong, they would not break even with the hardest hits. Polycarbonate is a strong and durable material that is 10 times more resistant to impact than plastic or glass, Hype reports.

Polycarbonate is an extremely useful plastic for various applications requiring transparency and high impact resistance.

Watch the viral video here:

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The police are already hunting the robbers because even if they left without any loot because they have caused over $18,000 in damages, the Asian Correspondent reports.

As one of the staff said:

“We haven’t checked our stock thoroughly but from what I saw, the robbers didn’t get away with anything.”

The store will be closed for two weeks to facilitate the repairs.

The shop will resume its normal operations once the renovations are done. Thankfully, nobody was hurt during the failed gold heist. Meanwhile, the video has went viral and has been viewed millions of times.


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