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Watch this Man Create a Beautiful Rangoli Pattern in Just a Matter of Minutes!





Rangoli is a unique, folk art from India. Otherwise known as Kolam or Muggu, it is an intricate and colourful design that the Hindus create on the floors of their living rooms, courtyards, or near the door to welcome their guests. Hindus draw bright Rangoli patterns, especially during the Diwali or Festival of Lights, which is the Hindu New Year celebrated either on October or on November. According to their beliefs, the patterns will entice the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, to enter their homes.

Rangoli patterns can be square, circular, or rectangular, but they can combine all three in their designs.


Photo credit: appsforpcplanet


Photo credit: kirtis corner

The artwork is typically symmetrical and the patterns usually involve animals such as a peacock or a swan.


Photo credit: Vani Muthukrishnan

Some Hindus draw fruits or flowers, whichever they prefer. Originally, the designs are small—about 2-ft-square although, at present, they can opt to cover the entire floor with it.

Traditionally, Hindus draw the patterns with their fingers using flour, rice grains, flower petals, colored rice, sand, and colored chalk. Looking at the complex and colourful designs, I can only image how long the process takes.

Apparently, it DOES take hours to create these artworks.

In this video, however, a man shows us how to draw a beautiful Rangoli pattern in no time. This is perfect for people who are in a rush to make it to the celebration.

Watch this video and tell us what you think:

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