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21 Brilliant Designs That Deserve A Standing Ovation





There is no doubt that design is an important part of even the most basic products. In fact, people would generally prefer to buy and use something that is fun and cute over those that are boring and ordinary.

With that said, designers have been generating some cool stuff that we just can’t stop admiring the results. So, if you have ever wished that life would be a tad bit more convenient, you’re in luck. Here are 21 brilliant designs that deserve a standing ovation.

1. A crosswalk with a 3D effect that makes you look like you’re floating.

2. Everyone at the airport can now charge their devices.
3. A bottlecap that allows you to hang your water anywhere.

4. An amazing place for reading books.

5. This vending machine is actually an entrance door to a shop.

6. Hands-free products are always helpful.

7. A solar roof.
8. A phone ring to securely hold your phone.

9. Specific waste bins.
10. A solar bench where you can charge your phones. It even has a Wi-Fi.

11. A creative way to store your toilet rolls.

12. To keep your half avocado fresh.

13. A comfort room for pets.
14. A dog park at the airport.

15. An ink that is made of air pollution.

16. A cup adapter.

17. This luggage pick-up station looks like an amusement park.

18. A backpack that you can wear if you want to bring your cat out.

19. Growing plants in recycled plastic bottles.

20. A bottled wall.

21. The Urban Bloom park.

Of course, the examples do not end here, and there are many other excellent innovations out there – and some of these fantastic designs may just be around you.

People are smart and creative, there’s no denying that. Although the world is already a beautiful place, people make it a lot better.

Which one on the list do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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