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40 of the Funniest Design Fails of Epic Proportions

Most of them will make you lose faith in humanity.






Designs have become a significant part of any company or entity. For a business, it speaks of its product and/or services. And it’s crucial in a way that it can be a make or break for the company. Apparently, this isn’t always the case with some people or businesses.

We have created yet another compilation featuring epic design fails. They’re so dumb that you’ll find it hard to believe that they existed or happened. And while the idea could’ve been great, the implementation just sucked. Scroll down and get ready to cringe!

#1. These wipes can…

#2. Keyword: Camper.

#3. Technology is great, but implementation is dumb.

#4. Nooooo!

Source: RiffRaff61
#5. And this one was made to raise breast cancer awareness.

Source: BoeJenjamin
#6. I fear for our younger generations.

Source: UltraLaser
#7. Dude, why?

Source: Bobik42
#8. Awooooo!

Source: JordJJones
#9. Which way is McDonald’s again?

Source: joeri_poeri
#10. These kids have no idea at all.

#11. Amazing, right?

#12. You’ve been warned!

#13. Your friendly neighborhood… wait, what?

Source: Teapotfox
#14. Explains why they barely have passengers.

Source: oman3
#15. Wait for it…

#16. Makes me hungry.

#17. Oh no you don’t.

Source: whysofew
#18. An audio player in a textbook? LMAO

Source: j0m1n1n
#19. You only have 10 seconds to answer.

#20. When life gives you lemon, make an orange juice.

Source: mbz321

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