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23 Incredible Designs That Will Make Your Life Easier And Safer





Let’s face it, everybody is looking for ways to simplify their lives. You might have wondered sometimes that there are so many unuseful things everywhere and you wish there are alternative solutions that will save everyone time and money.

Not every new invention is awesome, though. There are, however, plenty of things out there which are extremely clever and handy. Here are 23 incredible designs that will make your life easier and safer.

1. The only time you can see the information on this screen is when you stand right in front of it.

2. A fries carton with a separate pocket for ketchup.

3. You can grow fruits and vegetables all year round with this system.

4. A doorless elevator.

5. A modern cat tower.

6. Simple yet functional side table.

7. Self-lacing technology.

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Puma’s FI (Fit Intelligence) sneakers are here, and they look slightly different. Where you’d expect the laces to criss-cross on the front sits a grey block. Inside it lies Puma’s self-lacing tech. A motor that operates the laces, and a control panel on the top that lets you slide upwards to tighten and downwards to loosen the footwear. – “PUMA was the first to craft a laceless sports shoe with Velcro™ straps in 1968, the first to put a computer inside a shoe in 1986 and the first to introduce a wirelessly connected adaptive fit shoe called AutoDisc in 2016. Ever since, we’ve worked tirelessly on improving the functionality, the user interface and the durability of the shoe. The result: a technology that is smarter, lighter and more commercial.” – Following the trend first set by Nike (after they made their version of the self-lacing sneakers from Back To The Future), Puma’s FI are perhaps a more evolved, more acceptable form of the technology. The shoe comes with a breathable upper that allows it to be worn in most active scenarios, and an industrial grade fiber replaces the laces, wrapping around the sides of the shoe, tightening it effectively. – The FI’s all set to launch as early as 2020, and will come with an app that lets you remotely tighten or loosen the shoe. We’ve got our reservations on the idea of an app that controls your shoe, but the self-lacing shoe itself could be exceptionally useful for specially-abled users or even children! – Designer: Puma – Follow us @yankodesign (369K+) for product design news and @yankodesignselect for buyable designs.

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8. An ice cream with a reminder that you should brush your teeth after eating the sugary treat.

9. A sofa that transforms into a bunk bed.

10. A modernized soap dispenser.

11. A secret little passageway.

12. Sauna with a breathtaking view.

13. Now you’ll know exactly which chain to pull to turn on the lights or the ceiling fan.

14. A 3D lamp.

15. Rubber foam cabinet.

16. A backpack that you can play games on.

17. U-shaped brush.

18. Touch-and-play technology.

19. Foldable staircase.

20. “I found a hidden message when I ripped the paper off this ramen pot.”

21. A secret socket.

22. A tile pattern showing the area where the door hits.

23. A bookmark pen.

What made these products amazing is the fact that they are not just stylish and unique, but they are very useful as well.

Which of these incredible designs did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below!

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