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27 Designers Who Deserve Awards For Doing An Amazing Job





Gone were the days when all items and establishments are plain, standard, and ordinary. Now, designers are taking a much creative route when it comes to doing their job.

You see, in order to attract more attention, you must have something different and unique than the usual. With that said, check out these 27 designers who deserve a huge award for their amazing job.

1. A bench shaped like a paper plane.

2. This restaurant uses shadows to point which one is the men’s restroom, and which is the women’s.

3. Cup up for male, cup down for female.

4. This barber just can’t leave his work behind.
5. A giant electrical outlet outside the building of an electric company.

6. Edward Scissorhands was here.

7. Bruce Lee clock.

8. A guide that comes with the refrigerator to know if the sounds you’re hearing are okay or not.

9. These key holders open their eyes when you hang your keys.

10. When you form a king when you stack two cans together.

11. An eco-friendly and stylish bamboo sink.

12. This pool table on a cruise ship stays flat despite the waves.

13. Bike parking that looks like padlocks.

14. This child’s run-bike looks like a piece of art?

15. A bakery’s truck.

16. Architect Victor Vasiliev created this beautiful sink.

17. A cool umbrella for your vehicle’s protection.

18. These slippers are the piranha plant from the Super Mario Bros. games.

19. Mints that have caffeine in them.

20. A pattern of the United Kingdom flag on the tail lights of this 2019 Mini Cooper.

21. An umbrella-looking holder for your umbrella.

22. This specially designed plug doesn’t cover the outlet next to it.

23. A staircase or a portal to another dimension?

24. Christmas tree chocolate bar.

25. This lamp kind of reminds me of the Transformers.

26. No coaster needed for this coffee mug.

27. A message in a bottle.

Which one is your favorite? Tell us about it by leaving a comment below!

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