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Makeup Artist Creates Wonder Woman Costume Using Duct Tape and Yoga Mat

You will be surprised by the amount she spent on the entire project!






The thought of being a superhero has been ingrained in our hearts and minds as far as we can remember. Apart from the idea of having superpowers, we are interested in saving other people’s lives. But, of course, it is merely a wishful thinking.

Still, this does not stop us from wanting to be a real superhero. In fact, this obsession has made some of us crafty and creative. Take for example Rhylee Passfield, an Australian makeup artist and children’s party entertainer. She recently took inspiration from DC Comics’ beloved female superhero Wonder Woman.

Now what’s really impressive here is that she only used a duct tape, a yoga mat, and a heat gun to create her wonderful costume.

Describing the process, she said:

Basically, I started by duct-taping myself. Then I cut out a pattern from the duct tape form, copied it onto a Kmart yoga mat and glued it together using contact adhesive.”

Rhylee’s DIY costume is really astonishing. And believe it or not, she only spent $30 dollars for the 50-hour project. Moreover, she shared it was actually her first time making something like it.

According to Rhylee, her passion since she was young has always been drawing but she wanted to take it to another level. The costume was just a stepping stone and was meant to take her artistic abilities further.

Check out the pictures below and see for yourself!

Meet Rhylee Passfield, a makeup artist who recently made a Wonder Woman costume.

Using a duct tape, she was able to make a pattern to cut out the shape from a yoga mat.

Curving the form was made possible using a heat gun.

And thanks to the thin craft foam, she was able to form the eagle and the belt.

She then spray painted the piece.

For the skirts, she used scraps of vinyl.

As for the shoes, they were bought from a thrift shop.

All of these costed her only $30.

What a cool costume indeed!

Interestingly, the Gal Gadot-inspired Wonder Woman costume is not her only masterpiece. She actually has a lot.

This girl really has some sick talent. Do you agree? Let us know what you think about her and the Wonder Woman costume in the comments below!


40 Wanderlust Tattoo Designs For Anyone Obsessed With Travel

This is absolutely perfect for all travel enthusiasts out there!




Whenever we travel, we always try to collect stuff that will remind us of the journey. It could be a fridge magnet, a stamp, a memorabilia, or even a shirt. Of course, this goes without saying that there are a bunch of photos included.

However, there are travelers who want to honor their wanderlust in a very different way. The kind of memorabilia that will last for years – tattoos. That is right. Some people tattoo their journeys on their bodies, with the same purpose of immortalizing their travel adventures.

With that said, we present to you some of the best travel tattoos to give you an idea or two. That is if you are looking for an alternative to remembering your wanderlust. In any case, you will definitely love this compilation. Check them out below!

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Traveling Artist Creates Impressive Miniature Cut-Out Illustrations of Famous Landmarks

They’re so detailed!




Maxwell Tilse is a highly skilled illustrator who has been creating small but stunning drawings of the cities he visits. In his two years of staying in London, he has completed a remarkable series of miniature cut-out illustrations of different pubs and famous landmarks in the area. His creations are truly impressive.

While the little drawings are only about 5cm tall, they are extremely detailed. The intricate illustrations are able to capture London's rich architecture.

Tilse shares his works on Instagram.

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Artist Mom’s Hilarious Webcomic Accurately Captures What It’s Like To Have A Toddler

Living with a 3-year-old girl can be crazy indeed!

Mark Andrew



Although parenthood can be an undoubtedly rewarding experience, it can likewise be very challenging. Ask anyone who’s ever been one and you’d know it is a daunting task not recommended for the faint of heart. In fact, it can drive you nuts!

Things can get a little bit crazy with little ones running around your house. No wonder, many parents actually feel compelled to share their adventures and misadventures on social media.

If you’re artistically-gifted, just like this mother below, you might probably even consider using your skills to capture all the funny moments on paper.

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