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Gal Gadot Makes Surprise Visit at Children’s Hospital – In Full Wonder Woman Costume!





After starring in the Wonder Woman and Justice League movies, fan-favorite actress Gal Gadot is back in full costume to do some good. This time, however, she isn’t battling bad guys or saving the world from villainous threats – instead she is visiting a pediatric hospital.

The patients and staff of Inova Children’s Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia were delighted when Gal paid a visit if full superhero costume. The 33-year-old star spent time taking pictures with everyone and spread joy by chatting with the patients.

“You are a true Wonder Woman!”

Source: Facebook

Dr Lucas Collazo, one of the doctors in the center, posted a photo on Twitter and wrote:

“Thank you ⁦@GalGadot⁩ for visiting us ⁦@InovaHealth⁩ Children’s Hospital. You are a true Wonder Woman. The kids loved it…and so did the staff. #wonderwoman84”

The hashtag, of course, is a reference to the upcoming sequel entitled Wonder Woman 1984 where the Princess of Themyscira will stand head to head against Cheetah (played by actress Kristin Wiig).

“We are so honored that Wonder Woman stopped by to visit the kids and caregivers,” the official Inova Health Twitter page also posted, “Thank you Gal Gadot!

Source: Facebook

Inova pediatric nephrologist Patty Seo-Mayer retweeted Collazo’s photo, sharing she was, unfortunately, not around when the Hollywood celebrity swung by.

“Dear @GalGadot- Thank you SO MUCH for visiting my patients and colleagues at #InovaChildrensHospital! Next time, can you align your visit with my call schedule? Love, #SuperFan”

Kelly Swink Sahady, mother of 7-month-old Karalyne was touched with Gal’s visit.

Source: Facebook

The actress took the time to hold and kiss her daughter who is fighting acute myeloid leukemia, “an aggressive form of pediatric cancer,” reported USA Today.

A kiss from a superhero!

Source: Facebook

Kelly shared on Facebook:

“(Karalyne) was diagnosed at two months old and for the last five months, we have given up our other kids to other family (members), and we haven’t been able to be with them. We spend three to four weeks in the hospital each time with a break in between each cycle of treatment.”

“I was in the room and I was talking to one of the doctors with my daughter in the middle of getting an IV antibiotic treatment,” the mother also shared, “and in walks Wonder Woman, fully costumed.”

The actress also gave away toys, books and signed posters.

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Its stories like these that definitely restore our faith in humanity.

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Kudos to you, Gal, for being beautiful inside and out!

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