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How to Make Perfect Tiny Bow Ribbons with a Fork





There are a lot of creative ways to use bow ribbons. We can use them as crafts for gifts, weddings, as holders for candles; we can even use them to decorate cakes. The possibilities are endless. However, if you don’t have that creative touch, creating a perfect bow ribbon is just challenging. I know this for a fact since it takes me a lot of time to create one.

Thanks to Handimania, creating cute bow ribbons have become easy. Their video tutorial teaches us how to make tiny bow ribbons without having to worry if the sides are equal because using a fork will help you create a perfect one.

Yes, all you need is a fork! If you want to make a more complicated one that has different colors, you just need to get a fork with longer spokes.

Just braid the ribbon into the fork’s prongs alternately.


Photo credit: Youtube / Handimania
Tie the other colored ribbon over the other.


Photo credit: Youtube / Handimania
Watch this video for the full tutorial.

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It’s that easy to make this perfect tiny bow ribbon.


Photo credit: Youtube / Handimania
Here’s another video to make simpler perfect tiny bow ribbons:

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Now you can use these tiny bow ribbons in any crafts!

Put tiny bow ribbons in your holiday cards.


Photo credit: Handimania
Or just accessorize a gift.


Photo credit: EHow

Just be creative!


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