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19 Fabulous Crafts You Can Make with Those Pennies

You’ll pick up every penny after seeing these cool crafts.

Ann Moises





What do you usually do whenever you see a penny on the floor that nobody wants to claim? What would you do if the cashier gives you your change and you notice that you have at least a handful of pennies?

If you’re one of those people who consider pennies as nothing but clutter in your purse, this might be the right project for you. I bet that next time you see a penny, you won’t think twice about picking them up and saving them for your artwork.

From artsy decorations to beautiful pieces of jewelry, here are 19 ingenious and fabulous crafts that you can do using those pennies. That is if it’s not illegal to use currencies for art in your country.

#1. Those pennies gave a rusty, vintage look in this cute little bird house.


Photo credit: Pinterest
#2. Ain’t this nice?


Photo credit: Design Sponge/ Rachel Denny
#3. Turn them into elegant penny napkin rings.


Photo credit: Kosher on a Budget
#4. Give an old tray a classy new look


Photo credit: Being Brook
#5. Accentuate your kitchen with this cool signage.


Photo credit: The Crafted Sparrow
#6. You can simply frame them and hang them on your wall


Photo credit: I Heart Naptime
#7. Transform an ordinary vase into something elegant


Photo credit: Woohome
#8. Or just paint the pennies white


Photo credit: Kreyv
#9. Frame an old mirror or photo with pennies


Photo credit: Honey Sweet Home
#10. A coffee table full of pennies? Not bad at all!


Photo credit: Koot Hoot
#11. Give any table top a cool, retro look.


Photo credit: Reddit/ Callofthegame
#12. A bar or a countertop lined with those pennies would also look great!


Photo credit: Domestic Imperfection
#13. If you’re patient enough, try creating a wall full of pennies


Photo credit: Bella Nest
#14. You also help emphasize an area or piece of furniture with a panel full of pennies.


Photo credit: The Sustainability Adventure
#15. If it isn’t too much, how about a floor entirely made up of pennies?


Photo credit: Design Trawler
#16. Turn those pennies into buttons for your wardrobe


Photo credit: Epbot
#17. Stamp a penny and turn it into a cool pendant


Photo credit: Etsy/KathrynRiechert
#18. How about an elaborate, modern necklace?


Photo credit: Sandrisuperstar
#19. You can also flatten the pennies and get rid of the faces if you like.


Photo credit: A Girl and a Glue Gun

So, which one is your favorite? Got any more amazing ideas? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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