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Awesome Family Gathers Over 5,000 Christmas Gifts For Needy Families





With Christmastime fast approaching, one amazing family has taken it upon themselves to gather presents for the less fortunate. Now they have amassed over 5,000 gifts to help needy families feel the joy of the season.

The initial goal was to fill at least 60 Christmas stockings but Nick Smith, Jess, his partner, and their children were encouraged to go the extra mile following the positive response they got on heir project.

The family, who is mostly known by their online followers as TikTok’s Smithy Family, is, of course, happy about the unexpected outcome.

In an interview with LadBible, Nick shared:

“We’ve got a bit of a following on TikTok now – so I bought 60 stockings and I said I was going to fill them up and if anyone wanted to get involved to let me know… and it all just went from there.”

Now they have successfully surpassed their goal so they’re going to help make more families happy in the UK.

“There’s over £50,000 worth of stuff that’s been bought, there’s over 5,000 presents,” added Nick.

According to the LadBible feature, “all the gifts are brand-new, ordered through an Amazon wish list and sent to Nick’s house.”

The presents will then be brought to a Salvation Army distribution center. These will then be kept in quarantine for 48 hours before they are forwarded to various branches.

“It’s been a really hard year for everyone and the people who are donating are the people that have been affected; the people that haven’t got much money. That part of it is what makes it so amazing. It makes us feel so proud of everyone who has got involved,” Nick also said.

The Smiths likewise mentioned that they are still accepting donations until December 7 and so those interested to give may still reach out to them via Amazon.

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