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This Could Be The Best Tiny House Ever Built

This tiny house is too beautiful to miss out.


Living in a tiny a house has its advantage. It is easier to clean and maintain; thus, less time spent cleaning. It is certainly not expensive and allows you to decorate in a small amount of time.

The last part may not be true as we get into the tiny house of M.J. Boyle. She has spent over a year preparing her tiny but beautiful home. She planned to live in a small house once her kids decided to move out and start their life on their own.

Boyle has finally completed the house. It is so lovely that one could live in there forever. In her blog, My Empty Nest, the mother expressed her passion towards building such a beautiful creation.

“For the past 15 months I have poured every spare moment, dollar, and ounce of emotional energy into you and now; you’re done,” she wrote in a letter addressed to her tiny home.

Many people nowadays abandon their regular 9 to 5 life to find peace and serenity by travelling the whole country in a tiny house or a camper. Everybody loves adventure, and for some people this is their kind of adventure.

This tiny house is all about following your dream.

Tiny house 1

You can’t get any cozier than this.

Tiny house 2

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Tiny house 3

I would share a Thanksgiving dinner with someone I love here.

Tiny house 4

And get a goodnight sleep in this rather beautiful bedroom.

Tiny house 5


Tiny house 6

Age is just a number, Live life and forget your age.

Tiny house 7

M.J. Boyle really knows how to live a life.

Tiny house 8

Her kids would regret not spending a night in this lovely little house.

Tiny house 9

Tiny house 10

This kitchen looks like it can use a good cook

Tiny house3

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The Most Amazing Tree House Is Built in the Most Surprising Location

This tree house was installed in the most unlikely of locations. Care to guess where?

Feeling the urge to go on a safari to South Africa but don't exactly have enough time or resources to do so? If you happen to be in London for a vacation, or simply a Londoner just wanting to scratch off that safari trip on your bucket list, just head to London's Southbank.

The lucky winner gets an overnight stay in this treehouse.

The lucky winner gets an overnight stay in this treehouse.

Virgin Holidays built a 35-foot South African tree house that overlooks the river Thames. Lucky Londoners who happen to be in the area just need to drop by central London to view the awesome tree house. The catch: the installation was only available for a week and it would be a real bummer if people missed this amazing and jaw dropping sight.

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15 Ingenious Hacks Using Binder Clips That Can Change Your Life

I never thought of using binder clips that way!


Sometimes we tend to overlook the importance of everyday things, simply because they're just lying around the house or the office. Take the case of the nondescript binder clip. Also called the bulldog clip, binder clips are typically used to gather or organize important documents or papers at home or in the office. But did you know that you can use it in many other ways?

From being a phone stand or cable organizer to a sponge stand and razor cover, binder clips can be a household essential too. By simply bending it different ways and removing its handles, the simple binder clip transforms into an all-around household wonder.

Watch the video below and see these innovative hacks for yourself:

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Designer Moves Into Tiny Space and Creates Mind-Blowing Mini-Home

Can you live comfortably in a shoe box? This man proves you can…

The world is slowly shrinking into a pinprick of what was once sprawling, open expanses, and with the shrinkage comes the difficulty of finding adequate living space to cope with surviving in the rat race of today's modern life.

Most metropolitan cities are particularly challenging to live in, especially with homes, apartments, and condominiums becoming rarer commodities by the year.

One designer discovered a miniscule 18th century hole-in-the-wall space that had been abandoned a long time ago, and created an ultra-comfortable dwelling in the middle of bustling Rome.

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