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Covid-Infected Mother and Daughter Hold Hands For The Last Time 24 Hours Before Mom Dies




  • 49-year-old Amabel Sharma shared a heartbreaking photo of her and her mother in the ICU.
  • It was their last picture together as 76-year-old Maria Rico later died within 24 hours.
  • Anabel hopes their story would help remind people to not disregard the implemented restrictions.

This is the heartbreaking moment when a mother and her daughter, both infected with Covid-19, held hands for the final time before the mom passed away.

Anabel Sharma, 49, shared the photo where she and her mom Maria Rico, 76, held hands while wearing oxygen masks in their ICU beds. Maria died 24 hours later.

“Don’t let this be you,” said Anabel.

She continued:

“The speed Covid ravaged through our family was frightening. Anyone can get it and it’s roulette whether you will survive.

“If anyone is thinking about breaking the rules, I’d urge them to put themselves in my shoes and think about what it might be like to watch your mom die, or be told that you might not live.”

According to Anabel, they have always been cautious since Maria lived with them. “We had food delivered and I only ever did the school run. I never thought Covid would hit us – but it did,” she explained.

It was definitely a sad goodbye…

“Mom was trying to talk. All I heard [was] ‘cremation’ and ‘ready to die’. I was crying but Mum was so brave,” reflected Anabel. “I asked doctors to take this picture. Then they took Mum back.”

Maria was the last member of the family to get infected with Covid-19, next to 12-year-old Isaac, Anabel’s son, who fell sick after returning to school starting September.

The rest of the family 47-year-old Bharat, Anabel’s husband, and their children Noah, 10, and Jacob, 22, have all previously contracted coronavirus.

Anabel has since been discharged from the hospital but still has to use oxygen as Covid-19 damaged her lungs so bad.
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