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Angry Villagers Wanted to Slaughter these Lost Elephants. Thankfully these People Stepped in.





Elephants, though big in size, are one of the most adorable and smartest animals there are. They are also unique as they are the only animals with a prehensile trunk. But given that elephants are wild animals, they may collect negative impressions from people, especially if they cause harm or destruction of property. Sometimes, humans take these too negatively that they resort in violence to this animals.

An incident of elephant rescue was reported in a small community in Africa. The elephants were said to be lost and kept on wandering around the village causing damage to the fields. The people in the community witnessed how their crops and produce were destroyed. Fortunately, the International Fund for Animal Welfare took immediate action and helped save the bewildered animals.

The entire rescue operation was a perfect scene of unified people helping one another to save the environment. No one thought about killing the animals or using violence to solve this community problem. In the end, the villagers restored their livelihood and the elephants were kept safe.

Watch the video here:

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Credits: National Geographic via Viral Nova

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