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Angry Villagers Wanted to Slaughter these Lost Elephants. Thankfully these People Stepped in.

The next time you want to kill or abuse an annoying animal, keep this story in mind. Violence is not the solution!


Elephants, though big in size, are one of the most adorable and smartest animals there are. They are also unique as they are the only animals with a prehensile trunk. But given that elephants are wild animals, they may collect negative impressions from people, especially if they cause harm or destruction of property. Sometimes, humans take these too negatively that they resort in violence to this animals.

An incident of elephant rescue was reported in a small community in Africa. The elephants were said to be lost and kept on wandering around the village causing damage to the fields. The people in the community witnessed how their crops and produce were destroyed. Fortunately, the International Fund for Animal Welfare took immediate action and helped save the bewildered animals.

The entire rescue operation was a perfect scene of unified people helping one another to save the environment. No one thought about killing the animals or using violence to solve this community problem. In the end, the villagers restored their livelihood and the elephants were kept safe.

Watch the video here:

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Credits: National Geographic via Viral Nova


Wife Surprises Husband With First Pregnancy Announcement After 10 Long Years.

Everything worth having is worth waiting!

Giving life to a child and having someone to call his/ her own is a priceless miracle that can top all other good news. But for others, the journey is much more than a main even waiting to happen, it is an elusive gift that seems to be wrapped in a gazillion pile of meticulously glued paper. Because for couples suffering from infertility problems, the wait can be quite challenging and frustrating at some point.

Meet Doug Price and his wife; they have been married for 10 years and have waited for their bundle of joy for five years now. In this video, they were filming a video entry for a chance to win an Aruba vacation – at least, that was what he thought. But halfway through the clip, his wife started to pull out something from her pocket: a positive pregnancy test!

Watch the video below to see the glorious reaction of Doug:

Little did Doug know that he was in for the most emotional and crazy good surprise ever! From what we saw, he was dazed, confused and overjoyed. Who wouldn't? After waiting for five whole years, they are going to become parents!

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Homeless Man Thought He Lost Everything. Until He Discovered Something Totally Unexpected!

An unexpected twist of events fully changed this homeless man’s life!

Life's biggest and sweetest surprises often happen in the most unexpected places and circumstances. Even when we think that there is no hope, life has a way of turning things around for the better. We may have to wait for so long, but as they say, "If it is worth having, then it is worth waiting for."

Meet John Helinski, a man who had been living in the streets of Tampa, Florida for three years. One day, someone robbed him and everything he owned, even his identification cards ,vanished--- at least that was what everyone thought. After living in a self-made cardboard box house, he found his way through a community housing facility.  That's where he met a case worker and a police officer, who he didn't know were his angels. The two men helped John obtain an identification card and a social security card. On top of that, they paved the way for John to discover a surprising truth.

Watch the video to find out what it is:

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5 Signs Indicating That You’re in a Mature, Adult Relationship

Topics involving “kids” or “marriage” don’t scare the hell out of you.

When you were younger, one of the most likely thing you've searched for in a partner or a relationship is passion- that hot, burning desire that crushes your heart. That yearning to be with that one magical person who can sweep you off your feet. That intense argument that might end up in wild, make up sex after. In other words- drama. Chances are, relationships built on such foundation won't last. As the flame of desire dies down, so does the love.

Everything seems to change as you grow older. Your attitude and your perspective in life will seem to change. I noticed that as we mature, our actions and reactions become more... subtle. All those wild, crazy, things that we used to pursue will probably not be as thrilling anymore. I think I can say the same about love. However, it doesn't mean that the love shared by two mature people is not as passionate and true.

So how would you know if you're already in a mature, adult relationship? Here are five signs:

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