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‘Little Hercules’ Is Now A Man, What Happened To His Career?





Richard Sandrak, known as “Little Hercules,” caught the public’s attention for having the strongest and most sculpted body of an eight-year-old on the planet. His rigorous workout routine and dedication helped him achieve the physique many professional bodybuilders never will.

But after appearing in countless promotional products and even starring in a major Hollywood film, his fame gradually waned until he ultimately disappeared from the public eye. Many are probably wondering whatever happened to this incredibly strong young man.

On April 15, 1992, Richard Sandrak was born in Ukraine to martial arts world champion Pavel Sandrak and aerobics competitor Lena Sandrk. In 1994, his parents moved the family to Pennsylvania in hopes of having a better opportunity for their son. That’s where his dad hired a famed personal trainer to help push his son to his limits.

Little Hercules was on a grueling workout system which consisted of 600 pushups as well as situps daily. Richard had to sacrifice his childhood to become a kid bodybuilder, which means that he couldn’t even have candies or ice creams because he had a very strict diet to maintain his built.

Pavel often discouraged him from spending time with friends and growing up like any other kid his age because he wanted him to enter showbiz. This lifestyle eventually led to public scrutiny after people felt it was all too much for such a young mind.

Much of his physique was a result of his dad’s training, but it wasn’t a perfect relationship by any means. However, now, those arguably dark days are behind him. He was a larger-than-life little boy, but now he’s all grown up and has an interesting life story to tell.

Richard’s life changed after his dad got imprisoned for domestic abuse. That’s when Little Hercules decided to dump his nickname in favor of something far more down to Earth: Richard Sandrak. Today, Richard is his own man and looks nothing like his former self.

The former child star has stopped bodybuilding. Looking back he said he’s proud of his past, but he needs to move forward.

Richard now works at Universal Studios. He’s a stuntman for the company and performs in several shows per day. Although he already put his bodybuilding lifestyle behind him, he still has to stay in shape for his job.

Richard may now be considered an average joe, but he still got a few muscles left that he can show off.

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