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Bodybuilder Brothers Inject Dangerous Chemicals To Get 28-Inch Biceps





What does it take to have a ripped body – diet, exercise, and weightlifting? But for a pair of brothers in Brazil, injecting their muscles with dangerous chemicals have helped them achieve a whopping 28-inch biceps.

Tony “Hulk Geraldo, 49 years old and Alvaro “Conan” Pereira, 50 years old, have been injecting dangerous chemicals for decades to make them look buff and big.

The pair idolizes Arnold Schwarzenegger and wanted to be as big as the popular star.

Pereira has been injecting their muscles with Potenay B12, a kind of multivitamin used for cows, bulls, and horses since he was 15 years old. The pair has also injected steroids, works out for hours and follows a strict diet to maintain their figure.

Potenay B12 is used on big animals like horses and bulls.

In fact, until today, the pair has been injecting the chemical twice a week, despite warnings from their doctor. The drug has been found to reduce kidney function, cause cardiac problems like arrhythmia and may lead to depression. Aside from these, it’s a highly-addictive drug.

Also, the doctor told them to stop injecting the chemical since their skin can’t stretch anymore.

Geraldo has high blood pressure and his family is worried about his Potenay B12 use. However, he told his wife that she needs to live with his habit or leave him.

Gerardo said:

“My wife doesn’t like it. However, I am happy with myself. She has to accept me like I am, or we will have to go on separate ways.”

“I usually tell my wife that she’s the only one who doesn’t like me. Other women love my size, they love it.”

“Once we were walking in front of my gym and I told her, ‘Look, if you don’t want me there are several other girls who does’. Then, pointed to all the girls coming to talk to me.”

The brothers say they got hooked on this drug.

The brothers admitted that in the past, they were addicted to the drug and started using it because they think they were too skinny. Aside from the chemical injections, the brothers also consume as much as 12,000 calories per day. They consume about 12 bananas and 6 eggs before working out.

Pereira said in a statement:

“Back then we were addicted. Today, no. I have it under control. People around me didn’t let me go on the wrong path and I did the same with my brother. He always wants to be bigger, but I always tell him that we need to be careful.”

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