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‘Iranian Hulk’ Achieves Social Media Fame With His Massive Muscles And Body Size

You probably wouldn’t like this guy when he’s angry.

A weightlifter from Iran has recently been getting a lot of social media attention because of his awesome body size.

Sajad Gharibi, 24 years old, has been dubbed by many as the “Iranian Hulk” because of his impressive physical features. According to reports, the guy weighs almost 24 and a half stone and most of it is muscle. Since various websites have picked up on his story, his followers on Instagram have already reached more than 87,000.

24-year-old Sajad Gharibi, a weightlifter from Iran, is known to many as the ‘Iranian Hulk.’

sajad gharibi iranian hulk (1)

Gharibi weighs about 24 and a half stone.

sajad gharibi iranian hulk (3)

Similar to Marvel Comics’ green superhero, Gharibi possesses bulging muscles and massive build that make everything and everyone around him look much smaller. In one of his photos on Instagram, he posed while holding a can of Fanta and it really appeared tinier than usual.

Currently, Gharibi has over 87,000 followers on his Instagram account.

sajad gharibi iranian hulk (2)

In the past, he has represented his country in bodybuilding competitions.

sajad gharibi iranian hulk (4)

Gharibi is fond of joining powerlifting competitions and has even represented his country in bodybuilding contests. He can lift up to 386 pounds (175 kg) which is more than his own body weight.

Although Gharibi writes in Persian on Instagram, he often uses English hashtags for his posts such as #strongman #strongbody #big #mucsles and #powerful.

Apparently, he can lift up to 386 pounds – more than his own body weight.

sajad gharibi iranian hulk (5)

According to his close friends, Gharibi is a gentle giant with a good heart.

sajad gharibi iranian hulk (7)

Despite his extremely intimidating appearance, those close to him are quick to point out that Gharibi is a gentle giant with a good heart.

Will we see this guy on Hollywood films soon? Or on WWE perhaps? Well go check him out on Instagram to stay updated.


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