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Men With Strong, Muscular, Toned Body Are The Most Attractive, According To Women





A lot of men strive hard to get the perfect toned body – whether they do it for physical fitness or to just get the ladies drooling over them. But what do women really consider as the most attractive body shape?

If a woman tells you that body shape doesn’t really matter and that a man doesn’t need to have a ripped look, bulging biceps, and toned abs to be attractive, chances are she might be lying just to make you feel better about not having a sexy body. It turns out that women prefer men who look strong, according to a new study.

Men with toned body and muscles are the most attractive, according to women.

This only shows that physical strength equates to being attractive.

In the study conducted by researchers at Griffith University, Queensland, women were shown photographs of men without revealing their faces. The only focus should be directed at the men’s bodies. Some of the men in the photos were average students in the university while others are those who commit to working out about three to five times a week.

Women were asked to rate this body type…

Versus this less muscular physique.

If you were to rate the photos shown above, how would you rate it? Research reveals that if you happen to find the less muscular body more attractive, you are just part of the minority. In the study involving 160 women, not one rated the unmuscled bodies high, and the findings aren’t surprising for researchers.

Further analysis also revealed that women find men who are tall and lean a lot more attractive. This new finding contradicts previous studies, which found that women are drawn to men who have “dad bods.”

What, then, does this mean for men who don’t have body shapes considered “ideal”, especially those who can’t make time for routine gym workouts? There’s really nothing to worry if you don’t have that muscular, toned body like the famous celebrity hunks. IFLScience argues that looks, still aren’t everything and it’s highly unlikely that people will put body shape as their top priority in the criteria for choosing a mate.

In addition, this new study isn’t considered a big study, with only 160 female participants. That said, there is a need for further research.

What do you think? Which body type do you prefer? Share in the comments section below.

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