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Photos of Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke Kissing Sent Game of Thrones Fans Into Frenzy!

We just can’t handle it!

If you’re one of the millions of loyal followers of Game of Thrones, the hottest shows on Earth right now, then you all know about the much-awaited union between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Jon , the King of the North, is actually the nephew of Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons although the two characters don’t know that yet.

The show is actually at the point in which attraction is building up between the two and fans couldn’t wait for the two to hook up! But fans recently went crazy when a 2012 photoshoot with the show’s cast resurfaced online showing Kit Harrington, who plays Jon, and Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys, kissing and being all lovey-dovey! Back then, fans had little or no idea that these two will ever end up on the show and now that the moment is almost near, the pictures sent Game of Thrones die-hards into frenzy!

These two are on fire!

Anybody who sees the pictures can recognize the immense chemistry between Kit and Emilia. One picture shows him gently kissing her head while another shows him kissing her on the lips! These two, as well as Lena and Alfie, gamely hammed it up for the camera for a photoshoot to remember.


The internet just couldn't handle it!

The Rolling Stone magazine shoot also included other cast members such as Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister, and Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy.

Theon hanging out in the background!

Queen Cersei looking relaxed for a change!

The shoot was done in an open field and the cast members were really relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. The photographer, Peggy Sirota, described the day this way:

“This moment was unforgettable. It was a small crew on that day, just a few of us out in the field. The chemistry between these four was huge, as you can see… I asked them to kiss, I suppose love was in the air, & I was just lucky enough to be there.”


Terrifying Game of Thrones Theory Reveals The Night King Might Be Someone We Already Know

If this theory is true, a chilling scene may happen soon.

With Game of Thrones being the biggest show on Earth right now, it’s not surprising that your social media feeds is filled with all things GOT-related. With such a massive storyline and set of characters, fans have taken to the internet to talk about the show bit-by-bit. Right now, the hottest debate is about the identity of the most-feared Night King.

In the books, it was told that the Night King is a former Lord Commander of the Nights Watch. In the series, his identity has yet to be established. This is why when THIS theory about who he is started circulating online, a lot of fans are actually taking notice.

We may already know who he is.


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Top 10 Underrated Marvel Films That Are Actually Worth Watching

They’re sweeter the second time around.

The movie that started all Marvel movies is none other “Iron Man.” It was a film starred by the legendary Robert Downey Jr. But let’s face it: this isn’t the only Marvel film out there. Because in reality, there’s a lot of them. Some were bad, others were good. Either way, the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe has clearly taken the world by storm. And no, this storm is far from over.

As one movie tops another, it can’t be helped that a film or two would sink at the bottom of the rankings. This is where underrated gems are born nonetheless. Their value and significance only tend to surface after a couple of sittings. In terms of Marvel, there are a number of underrated films both in their own universe as well as those produced by other companies such as 20th Century Fox and Sony. Interestingly, not all of them were bad. Perhaps, they just were meant to be buried due to the popularity of other films?

As what most film enthusiasts would say, “The beauty of films usually begin in second viewing.” This is most especially true with this compilation. Below are 10 of the most underrated Marvel films that deserve a second chance....

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25 Photos That Prove Nicolas Cage Deserves a Spot on Game of Thrones

Look at these photos and you’ll definitely agree.

Nicolas Cage is arguably one of the best actors in Hollywood. This guy deserves all the praises and applauds, but that doesn’t mean he can escape all meme attacks already. He’s just too famous that almost all people in the world know that he’s perfect for any onscreen appearance. In fact, the latest inclusion to his resume would be Game of Thrones.

An artist who goes by the name of CarlosDanger100 gave Nicolas Cage a chance to "star" in one of HBO’s hottest TV shows. Heck, the Face/Off actor is not just playing one or two roles here. Because believe it or not, he’s everywhere in GOT.

Want to know how’s that even possible? Well, why don’t you give the compilation below a peek!...

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