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Game of Thrones Cast Sends Off 88-Year Old Hospice Patient By Granting Her Last Wish




  • In her deathbed, Claire Walton of HopeHealth in Providence, RI joked about meeting the cast of Game of Thrones, her favorite show.
  • Despite knowing that her request might be a bit too far-fetched, the hospice staff actually took it seriously and did something about it.

Game of Thrones, the best-selling book series published by George R. R. Martin, had taken the world by storm. When it was brought to screen by HBO, the first season did not fare as well. However, it didn’t take long before it achieved massive popularity and now it’s considered as one of the most successful television series of all time.

The appeal of Game of Thrones (GoT) has reached a huge number of fans, both young and old. A survey was conducted online and the series showed an audience demographic that range from under 18-year-olds to those who are over 45 year of age.

Apparently, one geriatric resident at the hospice called Hope Health Hulitar Hospice Center in Providence, Rhode Islands is also a huge GoT fan. Aware that she’s nearing the end of her life’s journey, 88-year-old Claire Walton had remained cheerful self.

According to reports, Claire had kept joking with the hospice care team during one of the show’s episodes when she blurted the desire to meet the cast members.

Like many people, Claire was aware that some wishes don’t come true. She realized that her request was a bit far-fetched, so she amended it to something more doable: being able to see the third episode of the eighth season of the series. Little did she know that she’s in for the surprise of her life.

A few days later, she got both wishes granted when she was able to watch the episode she so desired. To top it up, it was accompanied by videos of the 10 GoT cast members talking to her. The video also showed Liam Cunningham, Ser Davos for the GoT fans, who sent along good tidings, says Victoria Vichroski, a spokeswoman for HopeHealth Hospice.

Claire passed away the next day, a day after her final wish was granted by the very casts of the show she loved.

Watch this video and see how the GoT casts sent off this woman happily.

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