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30 Artworks That Depict Some of Modern Society’s Biggest Problems





“Art,” according to by English portrait artist Stuart Pearson Wright, “thrives on society – and society thrives on art.” This profound quote is perhaps more relevant today more than ever, especially since the power of social media helps artists spread their message to a broader audience with greater ease.

That’s why we’re grateful we came across the work of Steffen Kraft, an illustrator based in Germany mostly known by his online followers as Iconeo. Most of his drawings make people stop and think about where we are as a modern society, and the unfortunate reality is that things aren’t always pretty or ideal.

More importantly, his art encourages discussion among netizens about what we can all do to improve. Check out ICONEO’s thought-provoking illustrations here:


Look at what we’ve done to their home…


Sometimes people suffer because we’re all too busy to lend a hand.


Time is running out.


The sad reality of war.


Global warming.


Many of us fall victims to this.


Seeking validation through social media interactions.


Plastic – our common enemy.


This is sad!


In a recent Bored Panda feature, the German artist was asked about where he gets his ideas.

Kraft shared:

“I’m inspired by little things, like my pencil, a cup of coffee or toilet paper. These little objects are icons. Everybody knows them.”

A Communication Design degree holder in Germany, he also added that his goal has always been to “surprise” people “with simple ideas that they may not have thought about.”

Personally, I liked the drawings that carried messages about caring for mother nature. Hope we all do something about the problem before it’s too late.

If you want to see more Iconeo goodness, you can check out his official website or you might want to follow him on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

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