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13 Items From The Future That You Can Purchase Today





There were a lot of gadgets that we see on the big screen that we thought will only happen in movies. Now, they are available everywhere.

The future may be upon us in some ways, but new ideas are being made into tangible things every day. Here are 13 items from the future that we can purchase today

1. Ember cup.

The Ember cup is a cup that changes the temperature of your drink. It doesn’t only heat your favorite beverage for you evenly, you can even control it using your smartphone.

2. Nokia FIT
3. Holographic door lock.

Door locks are very important as it keeps us safe from intruders. This technology is taking things up a notch by allowing you to open your door by entering the password on a virtual keyboard. The best part is that you’re the only one who can see it.

4. Laser keyboard.

You can type anytime and anywhere with this laser keyboard. This item will work on all flat surfaces.

5. Smart alarm clock.
6. Selfie ring light

A selfie ring light is a perfect product for people who enjoy taking a picture almost all the time. You can set the selfie ring light on your smartphone or laptop, and it will help you take a good picture even when it’s dark.

7. Somnox

We all need good sleep to function. However, most people are not lucky to get much needed zzz’s. This product will allow people to fall asleep faster, sleep better, and wake up easier.

8. 360º camera for smartphones.
9. Transparent toaster.

Say goodbye to burned bread! With this product, you will make perfect toast each and every time.

10. Draw on your coffee.

11. Long-distance relationships lamp.

This is the best way to feel connected to the people you love that are miles away from you.

12. Smart scale.

This scale will not only tell you the weight of the food but every detail about it.

13. A LED mask.

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