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13 Items From The Future That You Can Purchase Today

The future is now, thanks to these awesome tech!

Tiny computers, smartphones, instant messaging, and video conferencing were all fanciful science fiction inventions up until about twenty years ago. Now, they are available everywhere, and we hardly give them a second thought.

The future may be upon us in some ways, but new ideas are being made into tangible things every day. Here are 13 items from the future that we can purchase today

1. A cup that changes the temperature of a drink.

There are different methods for keeping coffee warm, but they have their flaws. Hot-plate-style warmers generate uneven heat from the bottom. Vacuum-sealed, double-walled containers leak heat constantly, despite their best efforts to hold onto those precious degrees.

But the Ember mug can maintain the temperature of a drink for a very long time. Also, you can control it by using a cool smartphone app.

2. Cellphone ring.

Nokia FIT is a flexible rubber and silicone cell phone concept that fits onto your finger. The device rests on the index finger like a ring and saves the ears from the continuous exposure to Bluetooth radiation. This ring is designed to fit different finger sizes, so anyone can use it.

3. Holographic technology.

Door locks keep our home safe, secure and prevent uninvited visitors or thief from stealing our stuff. This technology allows you to open your entrance door by entering the password on a virtual keyboard that only you can see.

4. Laser keyboard.

Now you can type anytime and anywhere. This keyboard doesn’t have any keys because its picture is projected on a table or any flat surface.

5. Smart alarm clock.

This smart alarm clock helps you wake up easily. Thirty minutes before it is set to go off, its light gradually increases from soft morning red through orange, until your room is filled with bright yellow light. You can also personalize the alarm by picking options such as singing birds or your favorite music.

6. A ring light for the perfect selfie.

A selfie ring light is the perfect product for people who enjoy taking a picture almost all the time. You can set the selfie ring light on your smartphone or laptop, and it will help you take a good picture even when it’s dark.

7. A robot that improves the quality of sleep.

Somnox allows people to fall asleep faster, sleep better, and wake up easier. This robot works by adapting to a person’s breath and calming them down. The built-in lamp imitates the sunrise, and you can even turn on relaxing music.

8. 360º camera for smartphones.

This portable and convenient 360º smartphone camera has a high resolution so your videos will have excellent quality. It is also waterproof so you can film underwater. You can easily share your clips using its Wi-Fi function.

9. Transparent toaster.

This transparent toaster will save you from all those burned bread. Not only can you see your toast clearly and can stop the process at anytime you want, but the double-layered glass also doesn’t heat up, so there is no danger of getting burned.

10. A pen for drawing pictures on coffee.

You can now personalize your cappuccino or latte yourself with this device. It is even safe for children so you can create coffee art together with them.

11. A lamp for long-distance relationships.

This is the perfect product for people who are in a long-distance relationship or family members and friends. Even though you are thousands of miles apart, when this lamp is turned on by touching it, its pair emits the same light. This is the best way to feel connected to the people you love so much.

12. A smart scale for food.

This scale will not only tell you the weight of the food but every detail about it. The scale has more than 2,000 kinds of food in its memory.

13. A LED mask for face and neck.

This mask stimulates the production of collagen and elastin with its red light, treats acne with its blue light, and deals with age-related skin changes and removes pigment spots with its violet light.


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