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This Guy Quit His Job and Made $1 Million From His Laptop While Traveling The World

I’m insanely envious of this guy!

Mini Malabanan





Johny Ward, owner of the travel blog onestep4ward, got the best of both worlds. He gets the opportunity to go on epic adventures and make $ 1 million at the same time.

But how exactly did a man who comes from a poor Irish family accomplish what most of us can only hope for?

According to the 31-year-old businessman, he held several jobs including signing up for medical experiments in the past. In 2009, Ward landed a sales job in Australia that paid him $20,000 a month. While his job was secure and high-paying, Ward decided to quit his job after six months.

“I felt like it wasn’t fulfilling in any way, and I wasn’t free, having to ask for permission for take time off — and I don’t do well with authority,” he told Business Insider.

Realizing that he only had one life to live, Ward decided to create a travel blog despite having little tech experience. The blog step4ward was transformed into a media company called step4wardmedia as soon as it began generating revenue.

Over the past three years, Ward has visited more than 152 countries while earning $1,000 a day on the average. He works with four other people virtually for a few hours a week despite his busy travel schedule. And if you’re still not insanely envious of this guy, well, he even managed to score a gorgeous flight attendant girlfriend.

“Not having had much growing up, I’m careful with money. I have anxiety about not being broke again.”


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True to his wanderlust lifestyle, Ward plans to visit every country in the world.


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In the past, he held several jobs including participating in medical experiments.


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In 2009, he landed a high paying job in Australia.


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Although Ward made $20,000 a month, he decided to quit after only 6 months.


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“I felt like it wasn’t fulfilling in any way, and I wasn’t free…”


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“…and I don’t do well with authority,”


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Drunk Guy Freaks Out After His Friend Pranked Him With Drunken Facial Tattoo

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Ann Nuñez



It's a typical Friday night and you decide to spend it with your friends, a bottle of good ol' whiskey, and several shots of mixed alcoholic drinks. Naturally, you get home drunk as a skunk and as soon as your face hits a soft surface you black out.

The next morning, you wake up with a killer hangover and a hideous tattoo on your face. You wonder, while looking at the mirror, how that tiger became imprinted on your face while your roommate snickers behind your back.

This is what happened when a man got pranked by his own friend. When he woke up from his drunken stupor, he was shocked to see a tattoo on his face that wasn't there the night before.

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Ann Nuñez



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Wearing a black one-piece suit, Nina, a renowned Swiss ballet dancer and contortionist, started her performance with a relatively tame routine. However, when she removed her black suit, her entire demeanor changed. Performing to Tina Turner's rendition of the "Golden Eye", she left the judges and the audience completely in awe with her flawless movement and extreme flexibility. Her years of dedicated and rigorous training definitely paid off.

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Epic Fail! These Game Show Contestants Failed To Answer A Very Easy Question

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Mark Andrew



Game shows are always entertaining to watch. Aside from the interesting trivia, it’s often amusing to witness how contestants do their best to stay calm and think clearly, anxiety and panic aside. Some get the answers right while others fail to provide a good response. Needless to say, joining these contests can be a potentially nerve-wracking experience. If you’re a little unlucky, your mind might even go blank in the process.

Perhaps that’s exactly what happened to Millionaire Hot Seat contestants Tania and Christina. For $200, this mother and daughter tandem were asked an extremely easy question which, to everyone’s surprise, they decided to skip.

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