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50 Times People Got Embarrassed For Sharing Too Much Information





I think most of us will agree that there are things better left unsaid. To put it simply, there are things in life better kept private. People don’t really need to know which gasoline station you go to refuel or how expensive your clothing is. Others also don’t care about how many times you visit a comfort room in a day or what your political view is. You see, these are things that no one really gives a damn or two. And it’s nothing to be offended about. It’s just human nature.

But when you’re on the receiving end of a conversation, it’s usually funny to hear how inappropriate other people become. You’re even surprised by the amount of sincerity they have when they share it. Recently, titular talk show host Jimmy Fallon asked people on Twitter to share their most memorable experience – using the hashtag #ThatWasTMI – overhearing others telling too much information. And as expected, the responses were top-notch. Check them out below!


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