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Jewish Family Saved by Muslim Family During Holocaust Paid Them Back in Bosnian Genocide

In a twist you only think you’d see in movies, this Jewish family returns the favor by saving a Bosnian Muslim family who helped them during the Holocaust.

Mich Escultura





When the Germans invaded Yugoslavia in 1941, they seized the city of Sarajevo and opened a Gestapo office. In that very street where the Gestapo opened their office, there lived a kind Muslim family, the Hardagas.

The Hardaga family, husband and wife Mustafa and Zejneba,had a Jewish friend and business partner named Yosef Kabiljo. Due to the brutality against Jews, the Hardaga decided to take in the Kabiljo family, which includes Yosef, his wife, and his daughter. They were hidden in the back of a walk-in closet whenever the Gestapo officers checked citizens for documents.

Zejneba Hardaga (far right, wearing a veil) and Rifka Kabiljo walking along the streets of Sarajevo with their children.

The Kabiljo family, with the help of Mustafa, were able to flee to Mostar, Bosnia, which was under Italian rule. However, Yosef decided to stay behind to liquidate his business. This eventually got him caught and sent to a labor camp.

Zejneba learned of this, she would go to the camp and bring him food until Yosef managed to escape and return to the Hardaga home. The Nazis eventually found out about the Hardaga family, and executed Ahmed Sadik, a family member who helped forge documents with Christian names for Jewish families. Eventually, the Kabiljo family was able to escape to Jerusalem.

Half a century later, yet another tragic turn of events would once again bring these two families together. In 1992, Bosnia was at the center of a war in Yugoslavia. Serbian troops surrounded Saravejo and a massacre ensued.

The Hardaga family hopelessly hid in their basement during the war. They stayed there until an Israeli journalist covering the war sent them a message of hope. The Kabiljo family in Jerusalem had contacted this journalist to pass a message to the local community stating that they were looking for the Hardaga family.

Sara Pecanec, daughter of Zejneba and Mustafa Hardaga.

At the time Zejneba, 75, and her youngest daughter, Sara, were in Sarajevo. After learning that two members of the family that had saved them were still alive, they contacted officials all the way to the Israeli Prime Minister to organize a rescue. Zejneba and Sara were then rescued and invited to seek refuge in Jerusalem.

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Model Defies Beauty Standards With Striking Beauty And Stunning Black Skin.

This woman is a rare gem and equally beautiful.

Jessa Ventures



We should start celebrating beauty for what it is regardless of a person's skin color, race, religion, size, culture, sexuality and whatnot. After all, everyone is created equal and special as flawed or imperfect as we are.

Meanwhile, Khoudia Diop is stealing the spotlight and defying common beauty standards with her sheer positivity and stunning beauty.

But the road to success is not always straight. The Senegalese fashion model was once bullied and called names such as 'Darky,' 'daughter of the night' and 'mother of the stars' yet she emerged victorious and stronger amidst it all.

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Vancouver’s Undercover Cop Gets Surprised With How Residents Treated Him

To catch a robber victimizing people in wheelchairs, this cop disguised as a disabled man.

Mark Andrew



After receiving disturbing reports about a series of robberies against people in wheelchairs in the Downtown Eastside area, the Vancouver Police Department set out to catch the crook involved once and for all.

The cops launched an undercover mission where Staff Sgt. Mark Horsley went on disguise as a disabled homeless man. However, the mission eventually took an interesting, heartwarming turn because of how Horsley was treated by the community.

The Vancouver Police Department has received several reports about robbers victimizing people in wheelchairs.


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Israeli Dad And Daughter’s Adorable Dance Video Goes Viral

Israeli dad Benny Bar-Zohar videobombed his daughter Lior as she danced to the tune of Silentó’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).”

Faye Williams



An Israeli dad and his daughter have become the latest online sensations.

While many parents don't have any clue about what their kids are sharing on social media, Israeli dad Benny Bar-Zohar has used a different strategy. He takes part in his daughter Lior's videos.

At first, Benny was folding clothes while Lior got ready to dance.

At first, Benny was folding clothes while Lior got ready to dance.

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