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Germany’s Revolutionary Eye Scan App Can Detect Covid-19 In 3 Minutes




  • A new Covid-19 testing app is being developed in Munich, Germany.
  • According to Semic RF, the revolutionary tech is capable of detecting the virus in a matter of minutes – plus it has a hit rate of 95%.
  • Users will only need to scan both eyes and then wait for the evaluation after sending the photos.

A new app from Munich, Germany is aiming to revolutionize Covid-19 testing as we know it. According to Semic RF, their eye scanning app yields results in 3 minutes and has an impressive accuracy rate of 95%.

“Specialists realized that there is a connection between COVID-19 and the so-called ‘pink eye syndrome,’” said managing director Wolfgang Gruber in an interview. “That is the pink coloring in the sclera – which is what we are investigating here. That is, the white around the pupil, not the iris – these are often mixed up – but the sclera. And we managed to isolate the pink color of COVID-19 from over two million different pink shades and put this in the app.”

Semic RF’s eye scanning app can detect Covid-19 in just 3 minutes.

According to Gruber, the app has already been tested on more than 70,000 individuals – and it’s really user-friendly.

“You take your app, take a picture of both eyes, send it for evaluation, and then you can have the evaluated result stored as a QR code on the tested person’s smartphone,” he said.

The tech could potentially change Covid-19 testing as we know it. With the app, people can now get tested without even leaving home.

As of the moment, the app is pending regulatory approval and the German firm is targeting a May 2021 roll out in the United States. Once available, the app will cost companies and commercial users at least $570 a month. It will also be made available for private individuals at a subsequent time.

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