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Japanese Company Lets You Rent Someone to Befriend Your Cheating Partner’s Lover





There are many ways to deal with a cheating partner and for one private investigator, it’s having someone befriend your partner’s lover and convincing him or her to end the affair. While some would result in a verbal or physical altercation, Japan’s PI company, Ginza Ladis 1, would rather have parties involved settle it in a unique way.

Japan is known to be a country where you can hire just about anyone to do things for you. There’s a service for posing as someone’s boyfriend or even someone who will wipe the tears away at work. The newest service added to the list is a relationship fixer.

Ginza Ladis 1 hires actors to befriend your cheating partner’s lover and talk him/her into dropping the affair.

Source: Pakutaso
If a client pays out a huge sum of money, the company can even setup a movie-like scenario to break the relationship.

Source: Pakutaso
The company starts by finding more information about the cheating spouse’s partner.

Source: Pakutaso
This will include learning about his or her hobbies and interests.

Source: Pakutaso

The actor will be at the same event as the cheating spouse’s partner as this is a way for them to get close to each other, according to Oddity Central. There are instances when the lover doesn’t seem to have any interests so the company will simply set up an opportunity for them to meet, such as slipping event coupons in the third party’s mailbox.

Befriending the cheating spouse’s lover is Ginza Ladis 1’s non-intrusive way of ending an affair.

Source: Pakutaso

But that’s just not it. A movie company is a subsidiary of the PI firm so this means professional actors are hired to befriend the spouse’s lover. On top of that, there are movie sets and even special pop-up establishments that are created to help with the operation. According to SoraNews24, Ginza Ladis 1 even uses police cars and helicopters as a ruse to earn the third party’s trust.

Once the cheating spouse’s lover fully trusts this new friend, she will be convinced to end the relationship. Ginza Ladis 1 actors use subtle and friendly tactics, like telling the lovers that they deserve more than just being someone’s option.

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