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Woman Finds Out Her ‘Dead’ Ex-Boyfriend Is Still Alive And Is Now In Relationship With A Guy




  • In a video, TikTok user @k.jewel5 shared the story about her boyfriend who she thought died 7 years ago.
  • Several days ago, however, she saw him post a picture on social media, showing him and his boyfriend.
  • k.jewel5 tried contacting him for closure but has not received any reply, so far.

A viral TikTok video shares us the story of a girl who thought her boyfriend had died seven years ago. Much to her shock and surprise, she later found out that he’s still alive – and is currently in a relationship with a guy.

According to TikToker @k.jewel5, she was 14 years old when she met a guy who lived in New York. They liked each other and eventually decided to get into a long-distance relationship. After six months, the couple started having a “big fight” which led to them not speaking for three days.

Now 20 years old, k.jewel5 shared how she was later told that her boyfriend “was in the hospital cuz he got stabbed.”

Making matters worse, the TikToker continued:

“He fell into a coma and then one day I got a call that he died. That was six/seven years ago.”

Fast forward to the present, she later saw a new post from his social media account, showing him and his boyfriend.

In anoter video, k.jewel5 later shared how she “cried” after seeing her ex-boyfriend – who she thought was dead – is now with someone else.

They looked “so happy,” she said, adding further that her grief about his ‘death’ has since “affected every relationship.” So for the purpose of having a closure, she got in touch with him and wrote:

“I saw your story. Please answer. I loved you for seven years. Dave please answer me.”

So far, her ex has left her “on open” and not responded to her message.

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