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In Japan, it’s Common For Successful Women to Rent a Boyfriend for a Few Hours





Are you one of those who have a forever alone Christmas? Do you wish you have someone by your side to hold your hand, compliment you and entertain you, to have conversations and dinners with? But no matter how much you wanted a boyfriend, is love proving to be very elusive or you are afraid of commitment? Well worry no more. For a couple of hours you can hire or “rent” a boyfriend in Japan.

Host and hostess clubs or kyabakura are a common culture in Japan. But unlike most red light district houses all over the world wherein there is full-on stripteasing, nudity or sex in the equation, kyabakuras are only for entertainment. In most host clubs, having sex with the client is strongly discouraged.

The tasks of a host: Compliment, talk and entertain the client, serve drinks and food

Have a more in-depth insight on Japan’s host culture and how to become one, in this documentary

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It is quite interesting to note that being a host is like preparing for a career too. According to the video, a 2-year training is standard to become a host. The compensation can get pretty lucrative too amounting to thousands of dollars a week excluding gifts from the patrons.

While physical intimacy with the clients are discouraged, some would resort to that as well with the possibility of the hosts falling in love with the client. Perhaps in a very polite, workaholic and masculine society such as Japan, women’s needs in terms of romantic intimacy is compromised. Thus host club clients seek out the company of these boyfriends-for-hire to feel love and emotional security even for just a couple of hours.

Would you like to try hiring a boyfriend or girlfriend too? Do you think it could be cheating if the clients are already married? What do you think of this article? Don’t forget to share this story!

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