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Netizens Praise Woman’s Impressive ‘Detective Skills’ After She Catches Her Cheating Boyfriend




  • In a series of videos, TikTok user @feliciaburzotta shared how she actually caught her cheating boyfriend.
  • With her impressive “detective skills,” she managed to discover the truth about her boyfriend went out with another woman while she was out of town.
  • They ended up breaking up and netizens have since lauded the TikToker for her brilliance.

Everybody hates cheaters and it’s always satisfying to witness how they get caught in their own lies. Case in point, a TikTok user recently gained viral attention on the platform after sharing how she confronted her unfaithful boyfriend.

In a short video, Felicia Burzotta shared the story of how she found out that her boyfriend was actually cheating behind her back while she was in New York visiting her family.

Thanks to “women’s intuition,” Twitter user @feliciaburzotta eventually discovered the truth.

Felicia explained:

“When he said he was going to dinner with the boys but I thought he was lying so I called the restaurant he was at and pretended I was coordinating a surprise party for him. I asked the hostess who was there yet, his boys or his sister.”

The hostess later informed that he was with his ‘sister’ – and that’s how she confirmed her suspicions.

The cheating boyfriend even FaceTimed Felicia before heading to the restaurant but he totally had no idea she would actually give the restaurant a call.


Reply to @carvalhoemilyc and since then I’ve been single😂

♬ original sound – Felicia🦋

When she was told he was with his sister, she investigated further: “He has two sisters. Is it the brunette sister or the blonde sister?” The hostess said he was with his blonde sister.

“Mind you, I’m looking for a blonde bitch,” she later said in a TikTok clip.

The following day, Felicia discovered a strip of fake eyelash in his bed and confronted him about it. She, however, did not blow her cover and only said a friend saw him and his girl at the restaurant.

They later went separate ways but according to Felicia, he immediately began dating his girl bestfriend after a week. “He’s community dick as far as I’m concerned,” said Felicia.

Meanwhile, Felicia has since earned praises from netizens about her “genius” and ”innovative” detective skills.

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