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Poor Whale Asked for Help From Humans, Then Shows How Grateful He is Afterwards


When James Moskito tried to entangle a whale from a one-mile long line they found they found in freezing waters, he did not expect it to do the most touching thing a gentle giant can do.

James and a group of volunteers were out in the water when they saw a humpback whale come up the surface. The poor whale stared at them as if it was trying to communicate something. Indeed, after a few minutes, James and his group realized that the whale was asking for help as it was bound to a long net.

The gentle giant asked for help from a group of volunteers.


James and his group did not hesitate to help the poor whale, they got into the cold freezing waters and started untying it. James touched and said to the whale, “Okay, this is gonna hurt”, and the whale was just cooperative.

After the last piece of rope was cut, the whale started moving in circles and even went under James’ chest and started nudging him like a household dog does. It then started looking into James’ eyes and he also petted it.

It was definitely a feeling of affection.

Watch James’ encounter with the gentle giant here:

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Stork Flies 8000 Miles Every Year For His One True Love

Two storks teach us a lesson on true love and it is absolutely heartwarming.

Most of us, if not all of humanity, are in search for their one great and truest love. That one person who will complete them and make them happy for the rest of their lives. That is the ultimate goal in life, after all right? To find The One and love him or her forever. Not everyone is lucky enough to find their other half so people who do, make sure that they are able to do everything they can to make things work.

The same goes for animals, too. They are also in search of their own mates, fall in love, and the rest is history as they all say. Animals, too, make sacrifices for their mates, and they also make sure that their respective partners know and feel that their love is true. This is one such story between two storks.

Lovebirds Klepetan and Malena are inseparable most of the time.

Lovebirds Klepetan and Malena are inseparable most of the time.

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Hero Dog Dies From Exhaustion After Saving Seven People

A four-year old Labrador works itself to exhaustion to rescue seven people from the earthquake rubble in Ecuador and dies.

Dayko is a 4-year old white Labrador that works as a rescue dog at the Ibara Fire Station in Ecuador. She is every dog owner’s dream because he is loving, loyal and hard working. Dayko died last Friday after he rescued seven people from the aftermath of the tragic Ecuador earthquake last week. Poor Dayko died from severe exhaustion.

Dayko was a rescue dog for Ibara Fire Station for three and a half years.

Dayko was a rescue dog for Ibara Fire Station for three and a half years.

He spent the past several days at Ground zero, searching and rescuing survivors, through the rubble that was caused by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake. Dayko died while on duty as a rescue dog for Ibara Fire Service. According to the fire station’s Facebook post, the cause of the labrador’s death was "massive coronary myocardial infarction and acute respiratory failure." Dayko has been a rescue dog for Ibara for three and a half years.

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Adorable Baby Panda Will Do Anything Just to Get Out Of Bath

Watch this cute baby panda try his best not get cleaned up. Too cute!

We’ve all gone through that one time in our lives as a kid when we absolutely detested the thought of taking a bath. It was cute back then, maybe that’s why we were let off the hook by our parents from time to time, not minding that we’d smell awful the rest of the day. If it still happens up to now that you’re an adult, it isn’t anywhere cute when you think of it.

The same thing happens to animals as well. There are times when the cute, furry offspring of our four-legged friends would rather pass on the chance to be clean, simply because being dirty and covered in soil is so much fun. This video captures how a baby panda did everything it could just so it wouldn’t get cleaned up by its mother.

Not that it threw a tantrum like a toddler would, but the baby panda really made things difficult for its mother to get it cleaned. It threw its weight around so much, that he ended up getting scolded, the panda way, by his mom.

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