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Sleep-Deprived Neighbors Write Angry Letter To Complain Against ‘Noisy’ Next Door Couple




  • A Reddit user posted a letter written by “sleep-deprived neighbors.”
  • The said note ranted against inconsiderate “new neighbors” who have been disrupting others’ sleep with their “loud moaning and groaning” in the middle of the night.
  • The noisy couple has been warned that they will be shamed online if they still don’t keep it down.

A lengthy note posted on Reddit has recently gained some attention from online netizens. Written by “sleep-deprived neighbors,” the letter is addressed to an inconsiderate couple living next door.

In all caps, the “noisy” couple has been given this straightforward reminder: “YOUR WALLS ARE PAPER THIN!”

“We were woken up this morning at around 12:30am mortified,” the letter said, “drifting from what we thought is a nightmare into reality with the sounds of… loud moaning and groaning.”

“You are showing very little respect for the people living all around you who have little kids who are traumatized by the noises,” it continued.

As if the lovemaking noises wasn’t enough, it was” followed by laughing and chatting until early morning hours.”

We also read:

“And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CLOSE YOUR WINDOWS when you have sex because it is NOT SEXY AT ALL.”

The writer likewise warned the couple, saying:

“If this happens again, we will call in for noise control and will name and shame your address on the Paddington/Milton Facebook news group.”

The letter was signed by “sleep-deprived neighbors” and it has since attracted mixed reactions on Reddit.

For example, one user commented:

“I’m more concerned they can hear your conversations while talking… your walls must be stupidly thin. That’s ridiculous.”

Another suggested:

“Like in all honestly, as funny as the encouragement to just be even louder is – I don’t actually want to disturb my neighbors’ sleep and I don’t particularly want them to hear me having sex. So of course I’m going to try and keep it down and shut my goddamn windows..”

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