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Men Reveal Real Reasons Why They Spend Money On OnlyFans




  • A curious Reddit user asked why men spend money on OnlyFans and many took time to comment on the thread.
  • Based on the comments, male users have different reasons why they subscribe to OF.
  • Someone commented that he wants to make sure his money goes to the women, not to “sleazy porn producers.”

People do things for different reasons and when it comes to men paying for an OnlyFans subscription, we assume we know their only motivation: to see naked bodies of hot women.

But no, a recent thread found on Reddit has given us a little more insight as to why male users actually spend hard-earned cash on the subscription-based platform.

On a SubReddit, one user asked “Guys that pay for OnlyFans, why?” and some self-confessed subscribers immediately started typing their thoughts, giving us a lot of interesting insights.

Supporting wives, high school crushes, and ex-girlfriends.

An honest husband revealed:

“I want to support my wife and help her algorithm.”

Someone also responded “I knew the girl, I had a crush on her in High School” while another admitted “I wanted to see my ex’s t**s again.”

OnlyFans is “more personalized.”

A Reddit user also wrote:

“It’s more personalized than porn. There is one-to-one interaction, it makes you feel like you’re actually sexting someone.

Making sure the money goes to the women.

Meanwhile, a guy likewise pointed out that paying for OnlyFans is, in a way, no different to supporting YouTubers on Patreon.

“If you’re going to consume media sometimes it can feel good to be able to give directly to the creator of that media,” the commenter explained. “Supporting independent sex workers ensures that the people providing the labor are also receiving their fair share of the revenue their media generates.”

As another user effectively summed it up: “I want my money to go to hot women, not sleazy porn producers.”

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