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20 Photos That Prove The Internet Has Poisoned Your Mind





The Internet is an amazing world. It has given us cat videos, Google, and Social Media. It allows us to instantly connect with people from the other side of the world. For more than two decades, the Internet has totally enriched our lives in so many ways.

Unfortunately, it also turned us into horrible, dirty-minded people. From two girls and one cup to unworldly tentacles, the internet is constantly showing us weird things. These photos are proof that the internet has poisoned our minds.

#1. If this box makes you imagine nasty things…

Source: imgur
#2. If this doughnut reminds you of something else.

Source: imgur
#3. And these doughnuts too…

Source: epicpix
#4. If you failed to spot the face in this children’s illustration.

Source: imgur
#5. If you think this ride is inappropriate for children.

#6. If this catalog reminds you of some “other” plugs.

Source: imgur
#7. If this looks “obscenely” familiar.

Source: reddit
#8. If this photo makes you cringe.

Source: imgur
#9. If you imagine something else about this SEAT

Source: imgur
#10. If this delicious candy makes you think of something else.

Source: imgur
#11. If this looks like a scene from a pr0n parody

Source: Nickelodeon
#12. If these Easter eggs made you think of something unholy.

Source: twitter
#13. If your answer to this puzzle is very obscene

Source: twitter
#14. If you saw something dirtier than pigs…

Source: imgur
#15. If you thought this dad was putting the wrong end on his baby.

Source: twitter
#16. If you felt the urge to squirm after reading this sign.

#17. If you thought this lotion is intended on something more personal

#18. If you thought the owner loved something other than jazz.

Source: imgur
#19. If you thought the girl on left was flashing something.

Source: imgur
#20. If you think there's something wrong in this photo.

The Internet has ruined your mind…

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