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Innovative Tanzanian Scientist Invents Life-saving Water Filter





Every day, more than 70% of Nigerian households have to make do with dirty drinking water. Having no access to clean and potable water, they fetch water from the river, making them more at risk of acquiring diseases. But thanks to Dr. Askwar Hilonga and his innovative water filter, his countrymen will now have better access to potable water.

Dr. Askwar Hilonga was one of the few students who finished primary school in Nigeria. Feeling that he could still offer more to his country, he went on to take his PhD in Korea. It was in the land of the morning calm where he learned about nanotechnology. When he returned home, he put his newly-acquired knowledge to good use by inventing a water filter.

Dr. Hilonga’s water filter uses nanotechnology to filter out 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms from the water. It can also be used to absorb copper. The filter’s structure, which contains sand, also allows for it to kill other harmful bacteria. He has received a US grant to make his filter available commercially. One nanotech water filter costs around USD140.

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But his dreams doesn’t stop in his own country. Dr. Hilonga wishes to provide other African countries to have access to potable water and hopes that one day, other communities in Africa can use his wonderful invention.

Source: Reuters

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