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Romantic Guy Drowns During His Underwater Proposal

This is just tragic!

  • Steve Weber, a guy from Louisiana, planned a romantic underwater proposal for his girlfriend Kenesha Antoine during their stay at Manta Resort in Tanzania.
  • Unfortunately, he “never emerged” from the water.
  • Devastated by the incident, Kenesha said she’s just sad she never had the chance to tell Steve that yes, she’d willingly marry him.

It was supposed to be a romantic wedding proposal, a day they would never forget – but in a good way. Unfortunately and unexpectedly, things took a tragic turn as a guy from Louisiana accidentally drowned while proposing underwater.

According to reports, Steve Weber and Kenesha Antoine, his girlfriend, were spending their vacation at the Manta Resort in Pemba Island, Tanzania. They booked an underwater room which was anchored at about 32 ft deep. Eventually, Steve carried out his plan of popping the golden question by diving underwater and pressing a written note against the window of the said cabin so Kenesha can see it as she was filming from their room.

Sadly, Steve “never emerged” from the waters, according to a Facebook post by Kenesha.

Manta Resort later confirmed the incident in a BBC report and said in a statement that Steve “tragically drowned while free diving alone outside the underwater room.”

Resort CEO Matthew Saus added all of them are “shaken to the core” because of the accident.

Steve’s letter read:

“I can’t hold my breath long enough to tell you everything I love about you. But… everything I love about you, I love more every day!”

After showing the letter, he turned the paper over to pop the question and revealed an engagement ring.

Although staff members responded, things were already too late when they arrived.

“We never got to embrace and celebrate the beginning of the rest of our lives together, as the best day of our lives turned into the worst, in the cruellest twist of fate imaginable,” lamented Kenesha.

You can watch this video report by ABC:

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